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Friday, September 11, 2009

Blocks or Container?

Every now and then, I would stand in front of my opened cupboard and scan through the boxes of toys while trying to decide which toy to play with. Today, I chose this MegaBloks...

As usual, while the blocks remained scattered on the floor, I kept myself very busy with something else. Mummy felt I was more interested in the container because I spent more time playing with it than the blocks!!

I kept making all kinds of noises in it because the echoing sound was indeed music to my own ears haha!


  1. Haha~~ Instead of playing mega blocks.. she more interest in the container.. ;)

  2. Hahaha... Chloe jie jie, I also like playing with containers... :)You see...

  3. Julian has a plastic box filled with soft toys, and guess which one he rather play with?... the plastic box of course! He tosses all the soft toys out and sits in the box.

  4. Hahaha...Chloe is so creative. Cute girl.

  5. have one more toy to play :D hmm..i should get these containers to store Ashley's blocks :D


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