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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Solving IQ Puzzles

I have been playing with these shape-puzzles for a few months now. My logical thinking skill is quite good as I'm able to solve many of the puzzles on my own, especially the easy ones. Some of them may look very easy, but they actually aren't!

Even daddy and mummy got hooked to this game and they quickly returned to the shop to buy a second set that is made up of different shapes. Each puzzle comes with 60 cards with different patterns to be solved. The second set (on the left) is quite difficult and I'm not quite able to solve it yet unless it is partially (at least half) filled up for me.

For the more difficult ones, mummy needs to give me some clues by filling in 2-3 pieces for me and I will do the rest.

Tada... I did it!!

Sometimes, I will also create my own patterns. This is called thinking out of the box, literally. Haha! Like in this picture, I've arranged all the shapes to form a rectangle.


  1. mummy smart, anak also very smart ah! hehe! keep it up :)

  2. As I said before..Chloe is a very smart girl. I also don't understand how to solve this IQ puzzles..LOL. She looks so sweet in the "I did it" photo. :)

  3. wow, very smart girl :) the IQ puzzles are very interesting. Hmm...maybe i should get one for my brat :D

  4. i remember when i was young, i used to remove the tiles to solve the puzzle.. very cheating way cos i gave up.

  5. Oh! I also have something similar when I was a kid. Dad bought it from S'pore. But do not know where is that puzzle now.

  6. Yes, this is an old toy that existed long ago... but very stimulating for young kids' brains.. The next time you all see it, can buy lah. It's quite cheap at RM9.90 per set. We adults enjoy playing with it too :-)

  7. This IQ set is so good woh! Where you buy this ah? My daughter likes puzzles too...

  8. Very nice puzzles! Puzzle is good for hand-eye cordination. Chloe memang smart girl lah! I like the third picture, where she looks so contented with her puzzle. Btw, where you bought these IQ puzzles huh?


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