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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glad to be Back, Sad to be Back

We're back! The cruise was simply awesome. Needless to say, we enjoyed our holiday very much and even wished that we could stay there forever. I actually gave daddy and mummy this idea when I kept asking and mentioning "Can I stay here forever?" and "I want to stay here forever and ever!" Haha!

With sweet memories captured in more than 860 photos and videos that we took, the cruise was all about...

Relaxing on the ship

Admiring beautiful sceneries

Enjoying the sea breeze

Feasting on the unlimited servings of good food

Enjoying the ship facilities

And going on fun-filled shore excursions! (Phuket and Singapore)

Although it's good to be back in our home sweet home now, it also means back to life, back to reality, back to books, toys and Playhouse Disney (for me), back to work (for daddy) and back to chores, chores, chores (for mummy). *Siiiiiiiiiiigh*


  1. Welcome back! Wow...sounds like a great trip. Show more pics lah..hehe.

    I think I wanna go for a cruise too..hehe. How do you book? Is it online?

  2. Welcome back, wat a enjoyable holiday for her b4 entering kinder next year haha

  3. wao.. actually how much is a trip like that?

  4. post up more..looks so interesting until Chloe dont want to come back...

  5. The cruise trip sounds very interesting, u guys must enjoyed very much!

  6. aiya... da mommy very kesian lor.. back to chores.. hahaha..

  7. welcome back.. and you seems to enjoy yourself a lot ya.. that's all the photos you have to show us?

  8. Such a nice enjoyable and eat lot of nice food.


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