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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goat's Milk, Anyone?

After reading and hearing so much about the goodness of goat's milk and how superior it is compared to cow's milk, mummy finally bought some for me to try...

However, she bought the flavoured ones for me because she was afraid that I might not like the plain one with the strong "goaty" smell. She even tricked me and told me that it was "Vitagen". So, did I like it?

I LOVED it! (maybe because I really thought that it was Vitagen haha)

Mmmm, good till the last drop!

Latest update: I tried the chocolate flavoured one in the glass bottle today. It's mildly chocolate-y, unsweetened and the "goaty" smell was too overwhelming. Yucks! After just one sip, I surrendered the bottle to mummy and told her "It's not nice" (mummy agreed too). I still prefer the other type, in soft pack.


  1. Is Chloe going to take these Goat's milk instead of the regular milk powder? Since she likes it, I'm guessing it has no goaty smell at all :D I haven't let Ashley try any goat's milk. Maybe I should get one packet for her to try :D May I know where you bought this from?

  2. Oh.. she loves it. Must be much more expensive than cow's milk hor.

  3. How's the goat milk tastes Chloe? I wanna try it too. Happy New Year 2010 Chloe + mommy + daddy!

  4. where did u find it? normally i bought fresh goat and heater it and mix with his formula.

  5. Philip didnt like it..n wasted my monye. Not cheap also!!!!!

  6. c her face really loved it loo... happy new year 2010 little princess..

  7. mtc: No la, this goat's milk is not to replace her current milk. Just let her try only, for a change. If she likes it, then can buy some for her every now and then :-) I bought this from Giant.

    smallkuching: Yes, despite the added flavourings, there's still a hint of "goaty" smell. If not, you'll surely doubt if it's real, right?

    MummyGwen: Yes, it's a bit more expensive than cow's milk. The soft pack cost RM1.49 for only 100ml. The glass bottle one costs RM4.99 for 200ml.

    Dora: Well, since I finished it, it must be yummy :-) HNY to you and your family too!

    Wyneth: Bought this from Giant. Since you can find the fresh one and Jonas has no prob drinking it, it's even better.

    LittleLamb: I think most ppl dun like the "goaty" smell. I'm also testing, testing here...

    Connie: I think she likes the packaging more haha. Something new ma :-) HNY to you and family too!

  8. Hmm... shall grab one to let my boy try.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. This is wonderful!! I have been searching for these in Malaysia but couldn't get it anywhere ..... must be a new product??? Angel is a goat milk baby so I must really let her try these :)

  10. No harm to let the kids try eh! I will buy for my kids to try . thanks for sharing!

  11. the packaging macam refill pack for shampoo one...

    really nice to drink.... not smelly meh... err..

  12. I saw this goat's milk too at a supermarket near by place. I was so tempted to buy it but afraid Baby wouldn't want it coz it's quite expensive. Does it taste like Vitagen? I think I'm going to get a pack for my gals to try.

    I love Hilton Sentral. We stayed there several times and it's by far the best hotel we'd ever stayed in. Love the rooms, the gym, the pool, the food but don't love the price :S

    BTW, the length of the cheong sam is 62cm. You think it will fit Chloe?

  13. goats milk, hmmm... shud buy a bottle let lil missy try. saw this in cold storage, not sure if its the same brand


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