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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Girl Day

For the record today, I spent more than 1 hour sitting at my study table, doing something that earned me lots of praises!

Just before mummy disappeared into the kitchen to cook our dinner, she told me "Go and read your books and don't do anything naughty, ok!" Obediently, I really sat down and flipped the books one by one, reading them aloud, narrating stories and singing, wherever appropriate.

Look at that mountain of books on my table. Rajin, eh?

More than an hour later, after mummy had finished cooking and mopping the whole house, I was still at it. It was only when daddy returned home from work that I finally stood up and dashed to the door to open it for him. If not, I think I would have continued on...

Books, books everywhere

I also finished my rice (dinner) in a jiffy, and earned myself more merits for being such a good girl. Mummy asked me what I wanted as a reward and my instant reply was, VITAGEN!

Enjoying my favourite - LB flavour, Less Sugar, Vitagen


  1. eh.. not asking for kiddy rides ah.. clap clap for you being such a good girl, and keep it up eh.. :D

  2. haha.. full of books...
    Chloe looks very cute with big eyes in the vitagen picture.

  3. Wah so good girl and definitely must reward her keke.

  4. i found the thomas after walking the entire 1U...ehhehhe

  5. good girl!!! and so many books to read!!

  6. Good Girl and Good reward from mommy too.

  7. Ah ha, so rajin eh, how I wish my kids can sit still and read books for more than at least 30 mins, 20 mins or 10 mins, I already happy

  8. Fuiyo.. her books! Can bukak mini library dy...

  9. wow you are such a good girl, Chloe. Ashley should follow your example :D

  10. SO many books! And she's such a good girl, can sit there for so long to read those books.


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