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Monday, December 7, 2009

Halos n Horns

For quite some time, I've been having this skin problem that caused itchiness all over my body, esp on my limbs and back. And for months, I've been scratching here and there and everywhere like a monkey. Medications offered only temporary relief and soon, the itchiness would resume.

Just look at what my "itchy" fingers have done to my itchy body...

Recently, mummy discovered something that worked like magic. Attracted by its "No Harmful Chemicals" claim (esp SLS and SLES), mummy decided to try it. Called Halos N Horns, it's a range of bath products from the U.K.

It's available in 250ml Hair & Body Wash, 200ml Shampoo & Detangler and 250ml Baby Bath

After using it for a few days... mummy and I were very impressed with the results. No more itchiness, no more scratching!

The best part is, it's only RM5.99 each! And Giant is currently having a "buy 1, get 1 free" promotion. At only RM3 each, it's too cheap not to buy more, so mummy purposely made a trip back to Giant (we have only seen this in Giant, so far) to stock up...

Our stock (could have bought more)... cheap and good!


  1. oh poor thing. Chloe must have sensitive skin huh? I was introduced to Halo and Horns by another fellow blogger and has been using it for Ashley. Cheap and Good. Better if it has more foams :D

  2. Not sure if you heard of Negative ION clothing by is actually a health clothing to correct skin problem, immune system, relief pain and etc..currently myself and Terry is using it and I can say it is a very very good product.

    Like Chloe problem, it is like never ending, come and go and it back again...most painfully is if she needs to eat medicine or apply cream but still not fully recover...and return many times to skin specialist for more medication round.

    I hope I got to chance to share more with you on far skin problem like acne, eczema, rashes are recovering after use this.

    It is just a top and bottom to wear on (normally my kid wear as pyjamas, better if can wear it 24 hours for better result) and wash it with special detergent, easy to use..1 set can wear for many many years till it badly torn..i hope this help..

  3. Sorry I didn't change my login to blogger, the above comment is from me :)

  4. mommy to chumsy, oh really? So ashley has been using this too, and I thought it's a new product! I don't really mind the fact that it's less-foamy cos SLS-free products are meant to be like that :-)

    Thanks Judy, I'll email you soon :-0

  5. ai's must have been really itchy for her to scratch like tat ...glad u found a remedy...

    i may try this product after ur review though...dylan's got sensitive skin too :(

  6. i have been itching a lot lately too. bathing twice a day in eubos cream bath oil (for baby) helps. but each bottle is rather expensive. must get mommy to get and try these halos n horns. thanks for the info! :)

  7. Oh luckily mommy fond the remedy to get back the silky smooth skin for little missy!

  8. Oh..Chloe has sensitive skin eh. Luckily you found a cheap and good solution. :) Hope her rashes go away forever.

  9. Hi,

    My gal has sensitive skin too.. may I know which Giant can I find these? Nv seen it so far..

  10. Hi Anonymous, I used to be able to find it in all the Giants (like Kota Damansara & Kelana Jaya) but lately I don't see them anymore. Really hope Giant will re-stock them because I'm totally dependent on them now. Chloe's skin has been flawless and itch-free since the day she started using this!

  11. thanks for the info... but sad that we can no longer find them here.. will scout around and see..


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