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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KFC? No, Thank You!

Daddy and mummy have not step foot in a KFC outlet for nearly 2 years now. I also have no idea what KFC tastes like although I've had a few bites of its chicken nuggets about a year ago.

A few weeks ago, I came across KFC's Hot Rods advertisement on tv and kept telling mummy that I wanted to eat the "lollipop chicken" (bite-size chicken on skewers, like satay). On Sat, we happened to walk past KFC in a mall and I kept yelling "KFC! KFC!"

Curious to see if I'd like it (since I've never eaten it before), we walked in and took a seat. Daddy ordered a set meal for snack. Guess what? The first thing I grabbed was the bun. Yes, I was only interested in the plain bun!

Daddy's first KFC in 2 years! He has almost forgotten what it tastes like.

Daddy offered the chicken to me. I shook my head and said "I don't want". He offered it to me again, asking me to try. No, no, no! After a while, he shoved the chicken to me again... and again until I got a bit irritated. He even asked me to smell it! Of course, I just turned away and ignored him.

I said NO means NO!!! Why are you forcing me?

In the end, I obliged and took a teeny-weeny bite of it. I said nice but didn't want anymore of it. Mummy was overjoyed to see me self-eliminate junkfood. Terrific! She gave me two thumbs up for being such a "health-freak", just like her haha!


  1. no la. u try giving in a drumstick or nugget??

  2. walao, see the face. hahahahaha!
    good that she don't like kfc. hehe... wat abt McD?

  3. Rach, i think it makes no difference la... she's never eaten a whole drumstick b4! The meat she eats must be shredded or cut into bits.

    Irene, she only eats the fries and sundae at McD. Others, reject oso :-)

  4. sure boh? wait for her to grow a little bit more n see if she becomes a junk food addict.. lol.. (i dengki nih coz ethan loves KFC!) hahahahah...

  5. what? have not step foot into kfc for 2 years? amazing :D we go there once in a while but ashley never eats there..hahahahaah. she doesn't like the fried chicken too.

  6. Gwen will eat all the coleslaw, mashed potato and the bun. She only eat the fried chicken when I shred them into bits and dipped into tomato sauce.

    Good also..Chloe doesn't like fast food. :)

  7. Jonas also will show this face to us.

  8. good girl hoh she don't like fast food.. but mummy got more work lor, have to prepare food for her.. hehehe.

  9. Chloe is the first kid that I know who dislike fast food. Good girl!


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