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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Miss (not so) Helpful

Everytime after eating, I will eagerly volunteer with the washing-up, but only if the bowls or plates are not oily or breakable (usually after some fruits or snacks). Under the pretext of helping to wash, I get to play with water...

Washing at the wash-basin in the bathroom (standing on a stool)

After washing, I will warn tell mummy "You don't wash again. I washed already. It is CLEAN." and proceed to place them on the dish-rack. I get offended every time I see her re-washing what I've just washed hehe.

Well, do you think mummy could rely on my services? When I'm not looking, of course she would curi-curi re-wash because...

You call this clean? Look at that tiny black dot on the plate. It's a dragonfruit seed, which after my "thorough" washing, still remained there haha!


  1. At least she tried to 'help'.. hahahah!~

  2. "mummy... it's CLEAN" haha
    teach her how to wash properly... very soon you will have a little helper to do the washing...

  3. haha cute at least she try to help la. If my son , i need to go find the plate.

  4. Chloe is such a good girl to help mommy, ask mommy to complain much! hehehe...

  5. opps I mean ask mommy NOT to complain much!

  6. She is a good helper. Mummy taught her well. :)

  7. good girl for helping, next time, keep a look out of the black seeds.. hehee.. :D

  8. Good start for the little helper in house work. I am sure she can do better next time.


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