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Friday, December 4, 2009

Music Appreciation Day

I think it's pretty obvious that I love Music & Movement. Here's me dancing to Ni Hao Kai Lan's theme song in the morning. I do this EVERYDAY without fail...

I just love this cartoon and everytime the show starts, I'll dance to the theme song with my eyes closed.

Later, I went to the piano, switched it on and selected a pre-recorded piece randomly...

Playing, conducting and humming to Marcia Alla Turca by L.V. Beethoven.

Piano lessons? Mummy tries to teach me every now and then, but I'm still not ready for it yet (fingers too stiff). She can't wait to enrol me for the Yamaha's JMC next year.


  1. since mommy's musical, wont be a problem for YOU. :D

  2. haha her dance is so cute. Wah she like very "professional" wor. hehe

  3. haahaaaha....what a nice dance :D so cute. i think you are going to love JMC next time ;)

  4. She likes to dance and sing...enrol her to music class will ge good.

  5. Chloe looks like "mastering" well in playing the piano, I love seeing her facial expression when dancing + body movement when playing the piano! A potential pianist/performer!

  6. eh.. i thought u r music teacher yrself ma.... but i think send her for classes better. mother n daughter teaching-learning not so good one... i experience before.

  7. Envy, mommy knows how to play piano and Chloe can learn from mommy too.

    I like the cheeky face by Chloe when she was dancing.


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