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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Picking "Apples"

*Yawn* I'm so tired from all the picking apples (apple-picking)... I want to sleep now! After announcing how exhausted I was, I climbed onto Gung-gung's bed and had a good 2.5-hour nap.

We were in Seremban, in Ah Ma's house, and guess who came for a visit? It was Leanne and her family. We spent most of the time playing outside...

See those round little red fruits hanging there? They are "apples", you know.

And this is how you pluck it... got it?

Yes, got it. Hey... this is fun!

There are more over here... Come!

"Apples", anyone? Eww, sour... sour!

Leanne mei-mei is my best friend!

We also had a great time running round and round Ah Ma's garden, which explained why I needed the long nap after that.

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