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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Vomitted In Daddy's Car!

For the very FIRST time in my life, I threw up in the car! In daddy's 6.5-month-old, new car! We were on our way to the National Science Centre when it happened.

Earlier in the morning, while we were having breakfast, I was already showing signs of not feeling well. I was moody, made a big fuss and refused to eat anything. Daddy and mummy decided to cancel our trip to the Science Centre and detoured to go home.

On the way home, we changed our minds again because we did not want to disappoint everyone - Yeh-yeh, Mah-mah and Hayley jie-jie, who came along with us. Since I looked quite ok and even told them that I didn't want to go home, we made another detour and went ahead as planned. That's how fickle-minded my folks are haha!

As we were approaching our destination, out of a sudden, like a volcano eruption, I spewed curdled milk (the milk I had in the morning) all over myself. Second spew, it overflowed onto the carseat and third spew, Mah-mah's T-shirt was slightly smeared. It happened too quickly and soon, my blouse was completely drenched and the carseat was in a yucky state! Eeeeewww! Luckily it was a leather seat! Wet wipes came to the rescue and luckily, mummy had a set of spare clothes for me to change into.

What a messy outing. Mummy actually took photos of my soiled clothes but decided not to post it here because it's simply... too GROSS! Haha.


  1. aiyo..vomitted milk ah. Gosh..the smell will stick to the car for some time. Have to spray more ambipur :p

  2. Luckily it's leather seat..phew. How's Chloe now? Hope she is back to her normal self by now. Very kesian ler to see them vomit.

  3. were u rushing? maybe didnt digest well??

    hope she is ok now, the car ok now...hehehehehe i know i know cos philip also once threw up in the car!!!

  4. Oh...poor lil gal..hope by now she is fine.

    Gosh, if my gals spewed in my car...i think i m stunn there,cos i seldom bring wet wipes nowadays, but i think i should have keep one in de car.

  5. haha.. luckily i am not eating anything now... my ziyi threw out a few times before.. so, hubby and I already kindda prepared during our long car journey... like small plastic bag to catch the spew, and kept watching out for her fussiness and discomfort throughout the trip...

    The last time on our Penang-PJ trip there wasn't any mess except for the smell, i think it was the 5th times...

  6. oh poor thing. glad you are feeling better now :) was it something you ate earlier?

  7. smallkucing: no lah, luckily no smell cos we quickly wiped it off already ma hehe :-)

    MummyGwen: She was back to her normal self the very minute after clearing out everything!

    LittleLamb: We were not rushing, just a very leisure and relaxing morning. The fellar... dunno what's wrong sigh...

    Mommy Ling: Aiks, you don't carry wet wipes with you? I thought this is an essential item for mummies with young kids? Very handy la... it's a "must-have" :-)

    Linda: Ya, we were kinda unprepared cos she never had this problem before, not even when she was a baby.

    MTC: She didn't eat anything at all :-( Just drank her usual 8oz milk about 1hour+ earlier and all that came out... curdled!


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