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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Reward

Mummy decided to give me a little reward for my good behaviour in school.

(Err, actually it's only an excuse la... she wanted to reward HERSELF after days of "intense work-out" of walking me to school and back (x2) everyday hahaha)

Well, let's have a break, have a...

Ice-cream is one of the few junkies that I will never refuse!



For the first time, I could eat almost the whole drumstick all by myself! I fussed over the sticky mess around my mouth and kept pestering mummy to help me wipe it. I sulked when mummy was only interested in photographing me...

Misai, janggut (moustache, beard)... everything also got haha!


  1. i thought u said the walk very nearby geh??? heehhehe suggest to her use the stroller n see her reaction eheheh

  2. Rachel, yes it's quite near but one day walk 2 trips, can grow thin leh hehe... she's not complaining cos she only walk 1 trip!

  3. Oh no...Chloe grew beard & janggut. The ice-cream must be real delicious!

  4. The beard reminds me of Jonny Depp in Pirate of Carribean :p.

    Uiks? why the sudden tiny print in the middle of the post ah??? something about mummy reward herself...


    Happy Weekend to you:)

  5. hehhee.. ok la, both mummy and daughter can have reward time.. :D Look at her with janggut and misai also not bad ma.. :D

  6. Yummy, i believe kids just cant say No to the ice-cream even me as well...

    Ohh..boy i m craving for one now..Can i have one also?

  7. Hahaha...this mummy very naughty..wipe for her lah. Actually, Gwen also like Chloe.. cannot tahan her mouth dirty. She will ask me to wipe for her. :D

    Luckily, Chloe never ask you to carry her when walking back home..haha.

  8. Wah.. so nice this mummy. Can get such delicious reward! :D

  9. hahaha cute Chloe with choco all aroud her mouth!

  10. eh buy a bicycle? hahaha. jes kidding. walking is a good form of exercise le. hehehe...

  11. Hehe, so cute, why every kids eat ice cream or chocolate junkies can end up like this eh.

  12. What a sweeeeet reward for being such a gooooood girl! :)

  13. Nice reward and good exercise for mommy keke

  14. no need to "phai se" with the small print.. keke.. it's totally acceptable to reward ourselves once in a while... :)

    Me too like to indulge on ice cream and cakes, and only share a tiny weeny bit with my daughter.. that's why she can never finished the whole ice cream or any other kind of sweets..

  15. Chloe looks cute with the misai janggut... hahaha. At least her hands and clothes are clean :-)


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