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Friday, February 12, 2010

Kindy's CNY Party

A few days prior to the party, mummy received a circular from the school saying that all the children are encouraged to be dressed in Chinese traditional costume for this party.

Since I did not have one, mummy started to scratch her head... until she suddenly remembered the one that Ah Ma bought for me from China last year. After nearly a year of sitting idle in the closet, the samfu still fitted nicely (a bit on the small side, though) but the long sleeves didn't seem too appropriate in the current hot weather. Therefore, with very limited sewing skills, and about half an hour of fumbling with the needle, mummy managed to make a simple alteration...

Before (long sleeves) and after (cropped sleeves)...

Well, today's the day! *Excited*

Me in my "ngam-ngam fit baju"

*Eager* Couldn't wait to "roar" in that lion costume. Since last week, I've been telling mummy about us playing the cymbals, drums and lion dance costume in class.

That's Ms J helping me to put on the lion costume

Chiang chiang chiang! Ms J told mummy how much I loved it and how super-excited I was!

Mummy, can I join a real lion dance troupe?

I was also given a mini goodie bag.

Back at home, I couldn't wait to nibble on these little treats...

Things in the goodie bag - a mandarin orange, some peanuts and candies... that's all it takes to make a kid happy!

Note: All the photos in the class were taken by my teachers. Mummy requested for their favour and left her camera there.


  1. this Chinese tradisional costume look great and very suit to you! You are luck girl!

    WAh... u know to lion dance as well.
    when my company open day, i employ u come to lion dance oke ke? heheheh

    Happy Chinese New year to you and your family!

  2. what a nice party at the school. i like chloe's red costume :) gong xi fa cai to you and your family.

  3. mummy did a great job on the alteration.. :)
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family...

  4. Well done on the alteration, Mummy! Chloe likes doing the lion dance cute. Gwen was afraid of the lion last time but not anymore. :D

  5. *whistle* Lenglui!

    Tui mien de nuihai kan kor la~
    kan kor la~
    kan kor la~

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai !

  6. Mommy very geng in sewing...the sleeves are nicely done:-)

    Chloe is not afraid of lion dance yeah, so nice!
    I think Sarah is scared of the lion.

  7. that's a sweet gong xi gong xi costume.

    Chloe very brave playing with the lion head, my gal sees it also Lari edy...sigh**

  8. Mommy sewing skill not bad mah, look very nice.

  9. Wow...u have done a great job on the alterations. Chloe's school so nice. Got lion dance to play with and got goodie bag. Such a CNY mood.


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