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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Birthday Party

For the very first time, I got an invitation to attend a birthday party. Held at the McDonald's in Equine Park, it was the 3rd birthday party of lil missy Krystal.

It was quite a long journey from home so I had a good 1-hour nap in the car. When I woke up upon arrival, I was all eager to... play! As usual, I was more interested in the playground than anything else.

After "working out" at the playground, it was makan-time. Strangely, for the very first time, I gobbled up 2 pieces of chicken nuggets and said "nice" haha. Before this, I would not even touch it or go near it!

Yay! I have a balloon! And a Happy Meal! How not to be happy?

Pinjam sit on the "throne", can?

Photo session with the birthday princess, Krystal

Standing beside cutie-pie Ethan

There were a few more other kids there but I did not manage to have any photos taken with them.

The very lovely cake and cuppies!

Little bees and little mushrooms. I got the mushroom one. It's so cute, are you sure it's edible?

A cupcake moment... yum yum!

Soon, it was time to leave. To Auntie Irene and Uncle Kelwin, thank you for the awesome party and gift pack!

On the way home, we happened to pass by IOI Mall so... just popped in for a quick stroll. When I saw the full-size carousel there, I was instantly captivated. Since we rarely visited this place, cincai lah... daddy bought me a ride ticket. Yipee!

The extra-fast carousel that moved in horse-racing speed


  1. Love the pic of you and Krys holding close to each other.

    I'm sure you have the great party time with your new friend...

  2. Great party! Chloe is so tall. What special food did you feed her, Mummy? ^_^

    Yeah..the photo of Krys and Chloe is very cute.

  3. Lemonjude: Yes, it was a great party indeed :-)

    Mummy Gwen: Where got special food? Mostly vegetarian (esp fresh fruits and vegetables) only ma :p

  4. fast bodek Mama to make your birthday party at McD.

  5. Lovely party! Smallkucing, pandai ajak people bodek ah! ha ha ha!

  6. Sure Chloe and mummy had a great time at the party.

  7. wooooo ive been looking for that type of candle 'birthday girl' - where can we find it ya? for girl or boy.

  8. Nice bday cupcake. She enjoy herself very much.

  9. Swee Ping: You can get the candle from this shop called Fun n Cheer. It sells mainly goods from China. There's a branch just opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station :-)

  10. er... why miss a lot of post!

    i wonder your blog is not update in my blog list.

    or you create 3 posts at the same days!!! very hard to digest like that.

    i know this party from merryn. You look like big sister among others kids.

    happy for all small kids... i wonder when i young... not such celebration... only eat 2 eggs nia. habis cerita.

  11. so happy u guys came yah! ur my adviser for this party & i thank YOU for tat! rmbr that oh! hehe :)


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