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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The last time this happened was during my potty-training days many, many months ago, probably a year +, mummy just couldn't remember...

Well, I did it again today, during my afternoon nap. As soon as I woke up, while still lying on the sofa (covering the wet spot), I told mummy...

Me: Mummy, I'm wet...
Mummy: Huh? You shee-shee (pee) on the sofa?
Me: No.
Mummy: Then?
Me: *Silent*
Mummy: Let me see, you shee-shee on the sofa is it?
Me: No, I'm just... wet!

I was so embarrassed, I even tried to deny it. Good try, baby. Luckily mummy did not scold me. Accidents do happen and she knows that. Phew!


  1. Yeah..accidents do happen. :) Gwen is still wearing diapers during her naps. She requested for it. -__-

  2. Haha, she deny becoz she scare of mummy will scold her. Yan Yan request not to wear diaper during her nap, some how I am not that dare to do so as normally during her nap I am out for work. Only my mum with the kids so I worry mum will kao Ng tim. Got one time forgot to let her wear diapoer there she pee on the bed, what she told me is there is water on the bed and deny it is her pee pee. HAhA, kids all are the same....

  3. o o ...
    must be too tired..
    mummy can always carry her to the potty when she was sleeping...

  4. Good job mummy for not scolding her. Let it go off naturally as time goes by.

  5. Hmm..i wondering is it a season of pee peeing..heheh. Cos my gal also like dat. Some of my frens also encounter de same prob..

    Probaly the kids are too tired till they dun realise the shhee shee..

  6. i think too tired kot. hmmm... how u wash it ah?


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