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Friday, March 19, 2010

Summary of HK Trip

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. Except for a small tantrum that I threw on Day 3, our holiday was considered perfect. It was fuss-free, trouble-free, very enjoyable and absolutely fun (and quite tiring too)!

- Miraculously, I got well on the day of departure, after just 1 dose of medicine. See, I just had to make daddy spend RM65 on those medicines! I had fully recovered and did not cough, not even once. Unbelievable!

- The weather was perfect. It was neither too cold nor too hot (average 20C). Just cool and nice. There was no rain too. Phew!

- Our flight with Cathay Pacific was very pleasant.

- Both the hotels (Disneyland Hotel and Prudential Hotel) that we stayed in were good.

- We took nearly 1700 photos and videos.

The following posts are going to be very detailed because daddy and mummy want me to remember and appreciate this trip for a very long time to come.


  1. Wow...took so many photos. Glad to know you all had a great trip. :)

  2. Great that Chloe has recovered; maybe it's the Malaysian weather that made her cough :-)

  3. Nice weather. and glad that Chloe has recovered!

  4. Yes yes, can see all your HKG post are very detailed. Great effort from daddy and mummy, Chloe must know to appreciate it =)

  5. fuyoh.. I wait wait wait.. suddenly today come over like the blog kana 'lao sai' lei... I will slow slow read when got time.. now got to work.. muahah..


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