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Friday, May 7, 2010

Conditional Love

Mummy was glued to her laptop as usual when I went over to her, hugged her and said I Love You.

Me: Mummy, I love yoooooooou...
Mummy: Really? Why do you love me?
Me: Because it's Mother's Day ma..
Mummy: *Ceh, was expecting a more flattering answer* What if it's not Mother's Day? Will you still love me?
Me: *Very spontaneously* NOPE!
Mummy: *frowned*

And then I continued... (this part was not expected)

Me: Daddy also same. When it's Father's Day, I love daddy. When it is not, I don't love him.

*Crrraaaashhhh* I can almost hear daddy and mummy's hearts shatter into bits haha!


  1. least she is not bias..kakaa..she loves daddy and mummy the same amount :p

  2. aiyoh! hehehhe can hear the shattering :) cheer up dear and pick up the pieces :) she loves u both very much :)

  3. hahaha....she is very fair. Love daddy and mummy the same amount.

  4. Wah..she is so witty. Cheeky girl. :)

  5. Now where did she learn that from? Cheeky lil girl :D

  6. And it's all recorded here in this blog... jeng-jeng-jeng...

  7. Chloe is so innocent... :) haha poor mummy and daddy....

  8. realistic :P I think she is just trying to tease u guys only.

  9. innocent gila kan kids! haha!

  10. funny of her. Kids nowadays BEH TAHAN..


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