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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yeh-Yeh's Birthday

It is Yeh-Yeh's 75th birthday today. To celebrate this special occasion, along with Mother's Day, we went to the Sudu Restaurant (again) in KL Hilton for a Hi-tea buffet. The last time we dined here was during our stay in this hotel last year.

A table for 12... let's eat, drink (water) and be merry

The buffet spread was quite scrumptious and sumptuous. I think I ate quite a lot too. Let's see... I had some cod fish with rice, 2 potato croquettes, a giant strawberry, some bread sticks, a chocolate mousse dessert and lots of chocolate fondue (and a big glass of water) *burp*

A fraction of the many helpings of yummy desserts that we stuffed ourselves silly with

Trying out the chocolate fountain... coating a stick of cubed fruits with melted chocolate... but I was actually more interested in the chocolate and would just lick the choc off the fruits!

The hideous result of indulging in too much chocolate fondue hahaha!

Yeh-Yeh and his 3 grandkids... do-re-mi (me, Jeremy and Hayley)

Finally, a beautiful complimentary cake for us to take home...

Chocolate mud cake topped with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and gooseberries.

We left for Tai Koo Ma's house to lepak and digest our hearty meal. Jeremy kor-kor had a HUGE train track (a few sets combined) assembled, which occupied almost the whole living room! This was something that I didn't have at home so I really enjoyed playing with the trains, often looking forward to see them collide haha!

Thomas is coming...

Later, when we finally had room for more food, it was time to cut the cake.

Happy Birthday, Yeh-yeh

The cake was quite yummy, although it didn't quite taste "muddy" enough haha. I liked it so much, I had 2 pieces! We polished off the whole cake, leaving not a single crumb of leftover :)


  1. what a lovely celebration! Happy birthday yeh yeh ;)

    The desserts look divine............

  2. Happy b'day yeh yeh!

    The train tracks are real huge.

  3. I love choc fountain, too!~

    Wah!!!! Huge train tracks!!

  4. hahaha the 4th photos - very nice!

    this is the best photos of the year.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your Yeh Yeh :D

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to your Yeh Yeh a.k.a. my Pak Pak :o)... haven't seem him and Nyong Nyong for some time.

  7. LOL at the no 4 photo... The train set is huge!

  8. Happy Birthday To Yeh Yeh!!! OMG, look at Chloe's mouth..haha..yummy chocolate ler.

    The train set is mighty huge!! Gwen would go crazy over it too..haha.

  9. Nice food! Nice cake! Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!

  10. hahhaa..i can't help laughing at Chloe's choc covered mouth :D what a nice celebration :)

  11. heheh.. Koo Koo and Koo Jeong seems to have taken a lot of photos of you.. including those very comot ones :p Maybe will share on facebook later ;)

  12. haha muka comot. Happy Cirthday to yeh yeh.

  13. wow, the dessert. heaven siot. and the train tracks. walao! keng!

    happy birthday to yeh2 :) the cake looks reaaaaaally good!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to Yeh Yeh n Happy Belated Mother's Day to u!
    Wah, the HUGE train track is really fun!


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