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Sunday, June 13, 2010

46 Months Old

I am 3 years and 10 months old today. In exactly 2 more months, I am going to be 4! Here are some updates about myself:

- Height: 108cm
- Weight: 19kg
- Can write most of the numbers and letters
- Can draw objects with more defined shapes and outlines
- Can perform simple mental calculation of addition and subtraction (within 10)
- The most significant achievement so far has got to be my independence from diapers! I am now COMPLETELY DIAPER-FREE following the successful last leg of potty training. Since 2 months ago, I have been going to bed (overnight) without diapers and there have been only 2 "accidents" so far. Not only that, I've also ditched the potty and the baby toilet-seat a very, very long time ago! Yay!

Just take a look at how many packs of diapers (and RM) I've used since I was a newborn...

This is probably 80% of the total collection where the rest were either used for gift redemption or discarded by mistake (forgot to cut out and keep)

Next to go will be my milk bottle. I'm currently still very attached and "addicted" to my milk bottle.

Drinking from a glass or cup is so..... not shiok! ( me at 3 years 10 months)


  1. Keep up the good works, little girl,,, mommy and daddy will be very proud of you,,,,

  2. Happy 46 month old Chloe. Good job on all the milestone :D Wow didn't know your mommy cut out all the stickers from the diaper bags :D

  3. Good job Chloe for your independence in being diaper free. I'm so proud of your achievement. Gwen is way behind..haha.

    You are definitely an intelligent girl and pretty too (love your big round eyes. *envy*..hehe). Keep it up. ^_^

  4. good job! diaper free so mummy can save money on diaper la

  5. Happy 46 month old Chloe ..19 kg .. not bad , my boy only 14kg since he was 3yo ... hardly put on weight ..
    Such a good girl for diaper-free ...:P

  6. Good progress there, Chloe! Keep it up!

  7. u mean your mommy ACTUALLY keep keep all the diaper cut outs from the diaper bags??? and these are the ONLY ones you used since newborn??? so sikit!! but good job on another milestone...!!!

  8. i think if u do the hard just throwing away the bottles n let her will work la.. only u..can take it or not

  9. i always forgot to cut out & keep those diapers coupon thingy. chloe lenglui...

  10. 2 months more... 4 years old! big big girl lo! when start to help mummy to do housework?

  11. very big and tall girl... looks like 5 years old... VERY PRETTY, love her eyes... :)

    When my ziyi wake up crying for no reason at night, I will take her to the toilet immediately.. I knew she needs to empty her bladder... then she will continue sleeping peacefully till the next morning.

  12. Well done Chloe!!! You are progressing very very well :)

  13. well done!! Diaper free can really save lots of money ya.


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