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Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Typical 12-Hour Shopping Day

We spent 12 hours shopping in Midvalley/The Gardens again today. We had BLTD (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner) there. Yes, my daddy and mummy are THAT crazy haha. Most people cannot imagine what we do in the mall in that many hours so here it is..

9:15am - Left home
9:45am - Breakfast at SBread. Daddy had asam laksa, mummy had nasi lemak and I had bread (forgot to take photo)
10:15am - Morning walk/window shopping. Mummy wanted so badly to go to Isetan but it was closed *sad*
10:30am - Spent an hour in Toys R Us with mummy while daddy logged on to his laptop to attend to some work issues (yes, he brought his lappie to the mall!)
11:30am - Window-shopped in Metrojaya and met up with Auntie Moon to collect a special gift from her
1:00pm - Had a few rides in Jusco's amusement centre
1:30pm - Lunch at Delicious.
2:30pm - Walked around/window shopping
3:00pm - Napped on my stroller while daddy and mummy shopped in Jusco.
4:30pm - Tea-time at Starbucks (@Borders')
5:30pm - Browsed books at Borders
6:00pm - Shopped at Robinson's
7:30pm - Walked around looking for dinner
8:00pm - Had dinner... Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo
9:00pm - Quick grocery shopping in Jusco
9:30pm - Went home

In Toys R Us - I liked this Buzz Lightyear toy car very much and whispered to mummy "I wish I can have this".

Beautifully packaged mooncake with tea-set given by Auntie Moon

Mini Carousel in Jusco's amusement centre

Lunch at Delicious... Workaholic daddy doing his work while waiting for our lunch to arrive.

Mummy's Salmon Quiche and Daddy's Seafood Spaghetti. They lived up to the name of the restaurant... Delicious!

Very cosy...

The restaurant was full-house. It took about half an hour for our orders to arrive. While waiting, I entertained mummy with my silly antics...
(Please excuse my unlady-like sitting manner *mummy shakes head*)

Since daddy and mummy are not coffee lovers, having a coffee break in Starbucks was a quite big deal haha. It was my first time here too. Daddy had to follow up on his work issues again and needed a comfortable place to work in (and also to charge his laptop).

Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (for mum & dad only), Chocolate Eclair and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

More funny faces

Playing Lego in Robinson's

Watching the fountain

Our yong-tau-foo dinner... simple and filling (very big portion, with few additional FOC pieces because they were closing for the day)

And the total damage to the wallet was about RM210 (inclusive of 4 meals, some clothing for me and daddy, groceries and a toy, which was the most expensive item at RM69.90)...

Bop it!... Twist it! Pull it! Shout it!


  1. HOW YOU DID IT........!!!

    I am still in bed by 9am most of the days.. haha and 3 hours @ Jusco yesterday already knocked me off....

  2. Salute!

    The car is too small for you la.

    wa...your Papa really work hard for the money. Make sure you give him a big hug oh.

  3. What is Bop It? Must demo. Interesting!

  4. I wish I can do that too! Chloe can take her nap even during outing? So good girl.

    What is bop it?

  5. Geng!!! I spent 8 hours in MV the last time I was in KL and it wasn't enough for me. BUt with a kid, I just had to mak do with whatever time I have :D

  6. we TABIK, SALUTE, HATS OFF! you guys are the kings & queens of kai kai! omg... i wud have drop dead! hahaha! tua edi lar... esh esh, besar nye special gift from Moon hehehehe!

  7. Wah..and the award goes to..hehe. If we go out shopping...there will be more makan-ing than shopping haha...especially if I have nothing to shop.

    Chloe really likes to go shopping ler. She is Mummy and Daddy's entertainer. :)

  8. Linda: We treat this as our exercise haha. We don't do this every week la... only once or twice in a month :D

    smallkucing: That's exactly what i told her, that the car is for babies :) The daddy doesn't always work like this la... only when issues arise.

    LittleLamb: Bop It is a very fun party toy. Ideal for adults too. Go Toys R Us and check it out lah.

    BnB's Mama: Hahaha! We're used to it already... been doing it for years haha. Crazy hor?

    mnhl: Yes, she can nap anywhere, which is one thing good about her :)

    LilHyppo'sMum: Ya lor, MV plus the Gardens is too big! You'll need a few days to cover all the shops :)

    Irene: Wei, who is more TUA here? Hehe. Shopping that time very shiok, at nite, drop dead on bed also very shiok leh haha.

    Mummy Gwen: We also makan a lot wat... 4 meals! Makan time is the time we rest our tired feet hehe. I don't shop a lot too. Just window-shop only :)

  9. I do that too on some weekends!! (but prob about 10 instead of 12 hours). Somehow, the time just pass by so quickly eh?
    He he... my parents alwiz say that we are a bit nuts ;)

  10. wei, you really geng! I tabik!! We went home a bit late at 3.30pm ( consider late for shopping with 2 kids ), that s the best we can hang out in the mall. We all had a good nap at home till 7pm++ , haha..

  11. we used to shop like this too many years back, but ever since the boys arrive, we no longer have the energy to do so. Nice meeting u and Chloe!

  12. wow..what a beautiful day.. spending that amount of money justifies the happiness.. :) btw, what was the last picture about?

  13. Wow, what a fruitful day Chloe had in the shopping center. Haha..her cheeky acts are so cute.

  14. Wow....salute!!
    You shop for wholeday and tagging your girl along...

    The mooncake gift is so nice....

  15. Talk about shopping marathon! You always make me chuckle when I read about your long shopping adventure :) I simply cannot imagine spending so long at the mall though I'm a shopaholic :D I must try to do it one day...hahahhahaha. Hey, was the jelly coffee frap good?

  16. I shall go over one day to Bop it!! lol

  17. i noticed that your title has a "typical" in it... wow... this is typical for you? SALUTE. Haven't done this for soooooo long, ever since the kids arrived. Even before the kids arrived, we only stayed in a mall for so long if we're catching a movie. or two :-p

  18. Salute salute.. you also joined your mummy and daddy the whole day, not tired? hehe..

  19. wah, beh tahan u three, can stay there for so long. but syiok pun la, cooling inside.. n enjoy too.. hahahha..

  20. Wow 12 hours at a mall...that's record shopping time for me. But I think midvalley does has alot of things to see, although the last time I was there, I only spent max 3 hours...and I was so scared that I will overspend! :P

  21. PENGSAN! at 9.30am we are all still in dreamland! hehehehe.. we normally leave house after lunch.. kenot tahan whole day like dat!

  22. I can do it by definetely not with hub and the kids. I will go crazy if they join me

  23. Cool toy. Awesome shopping day ya! At least you took a nap while your parents were shopping. Otherwise, it must be real tired.

  24. I love the spread of food, on top of that I love Chloe's funny antics, kiahahaha... simply ingenious!

  25. WOW!!! Spending 12 hours in a mall! Tsk tsk tsk, the most for me i think only 4 - 5 hours, and i don't think my hub will hang around in a shopping mall with me for 12 hours, 3 or 4 he already impatient.


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