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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50 Months Old

I am 50 months old today. Here are some random facts about me...

1. At 110cm, I have outgrown this EnfaMama height chart. Time to switch to a taller height chart!
My first height measurement taken on this chart was in Dec 2007. At 16 months old, I was 81cm tall.

2. Like most kids, I am crazy over stickers.
One of the victims of my obsession... my wardrobe door

3. I love to eat Scott's Emulsion - the white, original one and I always insist on licking the spoon clean.
Yum-yum... it's spoon-licking good!

4. I hate soft, mushy and pungent fruits like mango and durian (but bananas and papayas are acceptable to me).

5. I am afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, no thanks to its villainous appearances in The 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids etc. Besides the Big Bad Wolf, I am actually quite fearless, fearing basically nothing!

6. My best friend is an old man... my dear Gung-gung. I told mummy "Do you know that my best friend is Gung-gung?"
Sticking to Gung-gung like a leech!

7. I am a Little Miss Messy, much to mummy's chagrin (because she is a neat freak).
The perpetual clutter on my desk.

8. My favourite hypermarket is Giant and the reason is obvious... they have FREE kiddy rides! Everytime mummy goes grocery shopping, it has got to be at Giant.
Giant Kota Damansara... my weekly "hang-out" place because it has the nicest and most decent-looking FREE kiddy-rides in town

9. The clothing that I'm wearing now are a few sizes up... for 8-9 year olds. I can even fit into some adult tees, like this Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt. I spotted it in one of the stalls in a mall and kept pestering mummy for it. It is a must-have because I love Little Miss Sunshine and yellow is my favourite colour!
Wearing an adult tee as a mini-dress

10. I am a very cheerful and easy-going child. I am quite obedient, co-operative and helpful at home. Unreasonable temper-tantrums are rare and almost non-existent.

Daddy and mummy are truly blessed to have a good child like you. We hope you will always stay this way. Muacksss!


  1. Didnt bloghop for quite a while and with a wink of an eye, the little girl is now a little lady!

  2. Wah, 81cm at 16 mths old!? That's tall for your age! As for Scott's Emulsion, my son hates it! :P

  3. Go all the way to KD?
    KJ cannot ar..

  4. wow wow sweet angel... you indeed tall and pretty ya.. :D Free Kiddy ride? you must be enjoying much of it!

  5. wow, you are as tall as Ashley :) love to see the photos of you and your gung gung :)

  6. yeah angel! indeed a sweet princess! wah nice stickers! and Giant there so nice wan kah! eeeeeeek!

  7. LittleLamb: KJ's Giant is not as nice ma... KD is nearer to my in-laws' place, and we go back there for dinner once a week. After dinner, sure go there for groceries :)

  8. Ha..I am going to do the same scream as mommy to chumsy.
    Wow, you are as tall as Shenny. My my, you are catching up fast. Yeah, Shenny is still as crazy as you over stickers eventhough she is one year older than you.

  9. Didn't know there were such things as FREE kiddy rides??? How I wish there was one near my house...

    Chloe is such an amazing girl...really a gem! Indeed u r blessed, Mummy!

  10. Perfect girl that you have...She is very pretty and I love her smiles.

  11. She is a good girl, daddy & mommy are very bless to have you as a dotter.

  12. All because mummy and daddy are good in discipline her. Chloe have a very sweet smile.

  13. Don't worry darling, soon you will outgrow the 50 months and grow up to be one pretty lad,,,,,

  14. kids grow up very fast.

    do you feel lonely? Have you ask your parent why they dont want make one more for teman u?

  15. Very soon will be a young lady already!

  16. Sweet, you're a sweet girl.. I'm sure you'll attract lots of bees when you grow up, ;)

  17. wonder the kiddy rides looks familiar kakaka..

    she is a tall girl :D

  18. I'm touched with the picture Chloe clinged on Gung Gung, these are part of the memorable sight that would tell a story next time!:)

    High Five! Auntie Law also hates soft, squashy fruits to bits(don't like banana and papaya though)!

    Have a nice day!

  19. Chloe is really a good girl. She is such an angel.

  20. wah, u r so tall.. im only 98-99cm now, despite 1 month older than u lerh... if we stand together, ppl sure say u r my big jiejie ler.. paiseh...

  21. Wow, she's such a sweet angel. Now u 2 can share share baju edi. :)

  22. I sure am impressed that Chloe eats the original flavoured Scott's emulsion as if she's eating ice cream! AMAZING! She sure is tall for her age! Must be as tall as papa or mummy?

  23. Wonder whether it is the scott emulsion behind her 110cm height.... :) She is indeed very very tall for her age... Ziyi is just reaching 106.

  24. Good girl Chloe.
    After one year old, i hardly count on kids age by months already. Hehe....

    She is so tall, already 110cm. Potential to be super model. :)

  25. I like the Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt, very cute....

    Happy 50 months old!

  26. Leona: I think all Giants have this. We've been to quite a few (hypermarts lah) and so far, all of them had this free kiddy rides in the kids' play area.

    CH Voon: Of course lonely la. My daddy and mummy old already lor... not young like you so want to make teman for me also not easy :p

    Oliveoylz: Yes, both daddy and mummy are tall :) She used to love SE when she was a baby. Later, between the ages of 2-3 she HATED it. Now, she likes it back haha. It's a love-hate relationship.

    Linda: SE can help kids grow taller meh? Dun think so hehe... she's tall cos both parents are tall. Daddy is 188cm and mummy is 175cm :)

  27. Wah, Giant at KD got free kiddy rides? And look so clean too!

  28. I did not know about the free kids ride..
    Well, there will be a Giant here and hopefully I can find free kids ride for Sarah. She loves it.

    Anyway, thanks for the info.


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