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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Day Trip to Bagan Lalang, Tg Sepat & Morib

Since we were back in Seremban for the long weekend, Gung-gung suggested a one-day road trip to some of the popular coastal towns of Selangor. We started our journey after breakfast on Saturday. The six of us, Gung-gung, Ah Ma, Kau-foo (who was the driver of the whole trip), daddy, mummy and I travelled comfortably in Gung-gung's MPV.

Our first stop was the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas in Bagan Lalang. Mummy was very eager to check out this hotel with the intention of staying there one fine day. However, we were denied entry at the guardhouse and were told that their visiting hour was over (visiting hour was only from Mon-Fri).

Quite exclusive but very cocky (for not allowing us in... hmmph!)

It was low-tide when we reached the Bagan Lalang beach.

My first impression of the beach was... YUCKS! Why is the beach so black and dirty???

It was very, very windy... lots of people flying kites there

With Kau-foo (with the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas in the background)

Some stalls selling very colourful "windmills" and toys

Next stop was to Tanjung Sepat for lunch. Mummy remembered reading about smallkucing's blog about the Lover Bridge restaurant so when we saw this sign, we quickly turned in, parked the car, walked in, sat down and ordered our food.

Later, after ordering our food, we walked around to look for the "Lover's Bridge". We couldn't find it. Daddy loaded smallkucing's blog on his phone to double check and it was then we realized that we were in the wrong restaurant haha!

No "Lover Bridge" but got "Lover Chair" haha!

Luckily we did not order much. The food here was very average and the portion was disappointingly small.

We had rice with steamed fish, or-chien, mini wok taufu and stir-fried kai-lan

Chatting, joking and playing with my best friend

After makan, we drove to the next lorong (lane) and found the real Lovers Bridge! Here it is...

We also shopped a bit in the Lovers Bridge shop that sold a multitude of tidbits and dried sea harvest...

Can I have this, Kau-foo? Kau-foo never says no, and bought me a small toy.

Next stop was to search for the famous Tanjung Sepat bao. A rather funny incident happened here. Unaware that we were actually already a few doorsteps away from the bao shop, Ah Ma and mummy got down from the car to ask for directions. They approached an elderly uncle on a motorbike and asked politely but got a rude shock when the uncle shouted at them, almost like scolding them (in Mandarin) "This bao shop is no more in business! Nobody wants to eat their bao anymore. They use dead pigs... you know, pigs infected with swine flu? You want to eat ar? You want to die ar? Don't eat! Don't buy! Of course, both the ladies quickly fled and returned to the car haha.

We found the bao shop easily but dared not buy any baos with pork fillings just in case the nasty uncle's scandalous remark was true. Anyway, the famous mui-choy bao was sold out. We were not willing to wait for the new batch so we just bought whatever that was available...

Only the kaya and peanut baos were left

We then proceeded to our next destination - Morib. This was our favourite place among all the places visited today. There was no beach but a very nicely done up waterfront. The weather was perfect too. It was cloudy and windy. Even at 4pm, we did not feel the heat of the sun at all.

Strolling along the beautiful waterfront

My new kung-fu pose

Some giant seashells at the Gastrapods

As usual, I was attracted to the playground and spent some time there. The equipments were all brand new!

I was quite good at "wall-climbing"

Wah... very nice!

Enjoying the sea breeze and seaview (although it was murky grey)

Wind-surfing on an imaginary surf board

Next, we headed to Banting for tea. It was a very late tea break, at almost 6pm. I was so exhausted, I fell asleep on the chair!

I could hardly keep my eyes open while eating!

Finally, it was time to go home. Needless to say, I slept in the car all the way home. It was a very fun, enjoyable and tiring day for all of us.

Steamed bao and fruits for dinner at home


  1. I never been to Seremban, because it is too far from my place. From your entry here, I learned that it has so many good places to visit. Thanks for sharing the fun.

  2. What a remarks from the uncle about the baos :s must be competitor or what? :p

    Went to Bagan Lalang few years back, at the time when they were still constructing the villas. Keeps me wondering, what is so nice to stay there with beach like that? :p And unfortunately for us, there was no wind in our last visit. Couldn't fly the kite!

    And it's been more than 10 years since I went to Morib. Miss this restaurant near the jetty with very nice and cheap seafood.. with wonderful view of sunset. I forgot where's the place @_@ Not even sure if close shop already or not :p

  3. Sheoh Yan: The places here are actually in Selangor. Small towns with no beautiful beaches. Since we're staying nearby, just go and jalan2 makan angin still ok la but if you were to come all the way from Taiping for this, you might be very disappointed haha...

    JC: Ya lor, that nasty uncle must be either a very disgruntled ex-worker or an owner of an unknown bao shop haha. The GPT Hotel looks so impressive in the photos. If we go and stay there, it won't be for the beach but for the nice hotel ;) Too bad lah, they are so "action". Wanna go in and take a look also cannot :( Jom one day we go again... in your MPV :) We didn't manage to eat cheap and good seafood that day... not satisfied hehe.

  4. LOL, I have blogged earlier that Bagan Lalang beaches are unpresentable! Morib looks 10x better I reckon, but we didn't stop by since the kids were sleeping soundly during the trip! We skipped the lover bridge and have our lunch at Teluk Gong instead...:)

    Wow, I can see Chloe had a wonderful time at Morib beach! I should bring my sprouts there some of these days too, thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. what a fun filled day! Chloe really pose so well with a big bright smile on her face in the pictures :)

  6. I've suggested to hubby about this trip over the weekends but he does not seems to be keen. Partly, we don't know the way. Maybe next time we should explore this place.

  7. That's a whole lot of stuff you did last weekend!!! Well done to you & hubs!!!! I got tired reading your adventure but really, I hope that I'll be able to bring my kids on these day trips when the youngest a bit older. Now still quite susah and ma fan lah. Go 1U also like packing house LOL

  8. Wow..pit stopping from one beach to another..hehe. Oh my..that uncle was so rude, maybe jealous of the bao shop's good business.

    Chloe really had alot of fun. Nice outing. Wah..she is good at climbing wall..hehe..Gwen very "si mun". I don't think she could manage that.

  9. what time you arrive the beach? the beach kira ok la. Not as bad as Port Dickson. At least here no broken glass and trees. two Lovers Bridge restaurant ah? Didnt know. The one we went to service slow but food ok espcially the Oh Chien

    Aiyo...kena scolding like that? terrible. Maybe enemy of the Pao shop or what. Maybe malicious remarks. You didnt get any of the delicious fish balls?

  10. The pao so so only lar, last time my aunty call them 1st to reserve the pao, 100 biji.. siao or not?? kekeke, and i got my share around 10 biji, and now in my fridge still got 8 biji..

    i went there once during last year raya holidays, damn far from my place ler.. and the restaurant hor, their foods really below expectation lor..

  11. I was in Tg Sepat & Bagan Lalang during the Deepavali break too!! Pity we didn't bump into each other!

    Yaloh, I was also surprised at how cocky the Golden Palm Tree resort folks were. Go in and see only also cannot. When we said we wanted to stay, the guards asked us to call and make appointment. Hmmmph! We only managed to get in on the last day cos a friend's friend was a member.

    At least you managed to get the bao without reservation. On my first day there, every single bao was was reserved. Aiyo! Went back the next day. I think the 'sang yok bao" was the best bao I ever tasted. :)

    Wah.... Morib sure looks nice!

  12. Your gung-gung likes to travel ho. very good lerh. hey, i like the golden palm tree sea villas too. let me know if its nice once u've checked it out.

    Err... yalor, the beach so yucks. :( spoil all the mood. Is it smelly?

    Hahahaha... chloe mummy quite big head prawn huh, wrong restaurant.

    So nice to see Chloe can click with her gung-gung so much.

    So you found the real 'lover bridge'.. but the lover is daddy + chloe, not daddy + mummy liao.. ahahhahhaa...

    How was the 'bao'?

    Morib looks like a great place to go lerh.

  13. What's so nice about the pau? even if it is pork pau???? I never thought this place so happening!!

  14. Sorry my friend! Regarding the bread stencil, it's actually my lucky win from Jessica's blog(

    She brought it from Hong Kong(it's made in china)and so far I haven't see it anywhere in K.L. :)

    Cheer up and have a nice day!

  15. What a fun-filled day. No wonder Chloe's battery was flat by evening time. Can even fall asleep on the chair.

  16. I have heard of island hopping but this is sure new to me...beach hopping! Glad you all had a great outing...Btw, Chloe climbed up that wall all by herself? WOW!

  17. I have heard of island hopping but this is sure new to me...beach hopping! Glad you all had a great outing...Btw, Chloe climbed up that wall all by herself? WOW!

  18. Very nice outing! Maybe show this post to my hub see he can bring us there or not, hehhe.. Wei,wei, wei, your nuff ads is up!! Is Ikea ads, can win RM500 voucher wor, hehe!

  19. Very fruitful outing. Regarding the bao maybe I can ask my Tg. Sepat fren, check with him true or just numerous.

  20. Love her poses.. so cute!~

    Wah the gold coast so bah bei 1, cannot go in somemore...

  21. mnhl: Just follow the road signs to Sepang. Very easy lah and it's only about an hour's drive from Seremban.

    smallkucing: We arrived the BL beach at noon. It was low tide so the beach was not nice at all :( Didn't get the fishballs cos everywhere we went, we saw those fishballs. Dunno which one nice and which one not haha.

    Wyson's mummy: 100 biji?? That's quite kua-jeong wor haha. Where got far? It was only 1hr 15mins from Seremban so it should be nearer from your place wat :)

    Adrine: Maybe we did bump into each other but didn't realize it? ;) Morib was quite nearby... 20mins, I think. You should have made another pit stop there. Quite a nice place.

    Yin Yue's mummy: No lah, luckily the beach was not smelly. Just looked dirty only hehe. The bao was ok la but if have to queue up and wait to buy it, then it's not worth it lor.

    LittleLamb: Like I said, the bao is ok lah, but I won't queue up and wait long-long to buy it. Everyone said the pork ones are good.

    Oliveoylz: Yup, she climbed the "wall" all by herself but under daddy's close supervision la.

    Vicky: OK, you ask him and then tell me the answer ar! Hehe :)

  22. Must be high tide that day. The water looks so nice at the waterfront. The times went I went to was so low tide...couldn't even reach the water.

  23. yeah man, so happening wan, and very nice place leh :)

  24. Must go there one day..heard so much of it.

  25. Visited two beaches at the same time, so fun!

    Such a long time I did not go to Morib. It seems like the place has been beutified alot!


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