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Friday, December 24, 2010


For our Friday arts and crafts today, we did something new which was really, really fun and best of all, the end product was edible :) It was Koo-koo who suggested making these Gingerbreadman cookies because she was not working today.

Yes, it was cookie day again for us today... our second within a week!

A dining table-ful of ingredients and ka-changs (tools). We followed this recipe but replaced the golden syrup with organic molasses.

Koo-koo gave me two candy canes and they kept me happily occupied (playing with them) the whole day.

Showing off and making funny faces with my candy canes

Since mummy was too busy to cook lunch, she ordered Domino's Pizza for us.

Classic Hand-tossed Seafood Delight and Crunchy Thin Crust Aloha Chicken

I'm a pizza monster! I ate more than half of the regular-sized thin crust pizza! And the three of us sapu-ed both the pizzas, leaving not a single crumb for daddy hehe

After lunch, we were all raring to start our baking session. Mummy did all the cookie-cutting and baking. I was in-charged of putting the buttons (mini M&M's) on the Gingerbreadmen while Koo-koo did all the icing decorations.

Button up, boys!

Ready to go into the oven!

Our very first Gingerbreadman... err, Gingerbreadboy actually, because of its mini size

Some of the cute, playful and funny expressions done by Koo-koo. The one on the top left corner with "chicken pox" was my favourite haha!

Gingerbreadboy walking the dog...

This is our "arts and crafts" for today

The whole Gingerbead clan :)

For Koo-koo's friends

They turned out very well and tasted delicious! Mummy was very surprised that I liked it cos it had a strong aroma of ginger (we used fresh, grated ginger) and cinnamon. Not bad, considering the fact that this was our very first attempt :) Although our baking activity ended at 5pm, the spice-y aroma lingered in our kitchen until night!


  1. Nice cookies...Can I hav a bite?

    Merry X'mas...

  2. Wow, so nice man!! You girls did the baking like a pro!

  3. they are so cute!! i like the bikini-clad gingerbread man...err...gingerbread girl?

  4. Cute and each gingerbread man has his own expression! Chloe's mummy is such a good cook ;) I'm good at eating :p

  5. so beautiful your ginger breadman. I regretted for not doing any crafts with the kids during the holiday. Perhaps I should start baking next week before the school reopens..

  6. Wow nice! Please send over to me if you dont mind, haha ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and family!

  7. The gingerbread boys look very very well done and decorated! I shall let my girls try theirs today :)

  8. Lovely miniature gingerbread men! Maybe next year we'll make some gingerbread man too!^-^

    Have a wonderful Sunday and a marvelous week ahead!

  9. Woooot! Looking good there! U know my favourite is gingerbread boy! How come none in my letterbox? :P

  10. Wow! Amazing by your homemade gingerbread man. You really surprised me.

  11. woots. i love domino pizza!
    the gingerbreadboy look cute. but i think i won't like it coz i hate ginger taste. hehe. happy belated Christmas!

  12. Thank you for the lunch and great time baking 'em :p We sapu-ed all the 'men' already :p

  13. We were at Mid Valley and Gwen wanted a gingerbreadman cookie till menangis nangis you know. Couldn't find any but Ginger tree got lah.

    Very nice gingerbreadman cookies your mummy and koo koo made. Thumbs up.

  14. eh u can do part time bizness la, serious!

  15. again, very very nice cookies! i feel so bad for not doing any baking or craft wt my kids :-S. next hols, must plan ahead...

  16. Koo-koo vy good at decorating the gingerbreadboy n girls. :)
    Wah, 2 reg pizzas sapu-ed by 3 of u? Geng leh.

  17. wow..... i love the bikini one. haha.. very cute!


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