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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Midnight Migration

I have been sleeping on my own (in my own bedroom) since I was 3 years old. However, of late, I have been fleeing my room daily to co-sleep with daddy and mummy, no thanks to my incessant nightmares and self-scaring imaginations about monsters, ghosts and what-not.

Every morning, quite punctually between 3-4am, I would wake up, pack my belongings (put my bed buddies into the vomit bucket and bring them with me), take my bolster along, switch off the ceiling fan, sneak over to daddy and mummy's room, climb up their bed, squeeze myself into the tiny space between them and continue with my sleep. I have been doing this for at least 3 months now!

Mummy finds it amusing to see me repeating the same routine every day. The funniest is when she sees the vomit bucket right above her head on her pillow every morning. I bring the vomit bucket with me wherever I go because I am very prone to vomiting, especially when I cry or cough.

My bed buddies and vomit bucket

Some of my bed buddies inside the vomit bucket (they change every now and then)

Daddy and mummy hope that this nomadic habit of mine will stop soon. Although their bed is considered large (extended king-size), there is hardly enough space to accommodate the three six of us for a comfortable night's sleep. Why six?

... because joining us on the bed are 3 full-sized bolsters, which are nearly as "fat" as us haha!  


  1. same here. once P was sick... so he slept back with me. After which he will find excuses to sleep with me. So I just have to use the sticker chart to reinforce everything ...haiz

  2. Lol! My girl refuses to sleep in her bed because she said
    1) there's ghost / shadow outside the window.
    2) she hears loud thumps on the ceiling
    3) she couldn't doze off without me

    She tells me that she will only moves to her room when she's 8 years old @____@

  3. hope you feel better soon and nightmares away

  4. Ha! Reminds me of my childhood. I used to squeeze in between my parents during midnight too! hahaha

  5. LOL this is too funny. I can't believe it that Chloe would pack everything while 'fleeing' :D hmm....i wonder how long this migration will continue :P

  6. Chloe, your vomit bucket so cute la, hehe ;)

  7. Eh...why the sudden change? Is she having nightmares or something? I think Gwen will be sleeping with us for a long time..haha. I can't believe each of you have your own bolster..LOL.

  8. its so sweet on her part to carry all her toys and the vomit bucket along.. just 3 yrs and she remembers her bucket...knowing her,i miss my childhood days.. wish i could sleep again with my mom and dad.. those were the best days..

  9. Hopefully Chloe can quit her midnight migration soon. As if this habit prolongs, I guess it would be harder to get her to have a normal sleep throughout the night in her own room in future.

  10. huh? she sleep with her vomit bucket every night? Does she vomit at night or just get used to be having it at all time?
    But the bucket is cute, and have additional role to carry her toys. :)

  11. wahaha she like to squeeze in between. But this can
    disturb her good nite sleep.

  12. My girls are still sleeping on their own, but Saturday, one sleeps with me and another one sleeps with Papa. When Papa is out of town, I go to sleep with them in their room. So far so good. *touch wood* By the way, all of us needs bolster to sleep in my house too.

  13. Extended King-Size is not enough to fit six of you.

  14. Full house for the bed.. haha!

  15. owh... kesian.. she felt lonely in her own room :)

    Ethan sleeps in his own bed since born until today but still in da same room as us lah :D

  16. I think I should prepare a "vomit bucket" for my daughter too, she also prone to vomiting.

    PS: Never know got vomit bucket in this world, haha lol

  17. At least Chloe has slept on her own since she was 3 yrs old. Very good job already.

    Maybe this is just a short period of time that she is squeezing into your bed, sooner she will be fine.

    I like her vomit bucket, so small and cute.


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