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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Stairs Challenge

It all started with this conversation...

Me: Mummy, are we going to move to a new house?
Mummy: Huh?? (No, we are NOT moving anywhere)
Me: I wish we can move to a house with stairs. I love stairs!
Mummy: Eh, our house also got stairs wat... in fact, there are so many, many, many stairs that you will give up walking on them!
Me: Really?

Heh heh heh... that's because we are staying in a high-rise... a 24-storey one to be precise. Our talk about "stairs" soon launched daddy and mummy into a new exercise routine. Instead of conveniently pressing the lift buttons everyday, they challenged themselves to take the stairs as often as they can (esp when they are not lugging heavy stuff like groceries).

Initially, walking up 8 floors to our unit was quite strenuous for daddy and mummy. However, for me, it was simply "no sweat" from the very beginning! I didn't even need to stop while the two of them panted and paused to catch their breath midway haha (that shows how unfit they are!)

One day, curious to find out how far I could go, mummy suggested going all the way up until I stop. Well, I never did stop. I walked and walked and went up and up and up until the top floor!

V is for Victory! I walked up 24 flights of stairs (equivalent to 400+ steps) without stopping! Is this a great feat or what hehe.

Walking up more than 400 steps was still effortless to me and I showed not sign of weariness. I'm as fit as a fiddle! This stairs challenge soon led us to another "expedition"...

Batu Caves! 

We decided to stop here cos it was just along the road on our way home from Fraser's Hill. 

Are you ready?

This is like only 272 steps away... of course no problem for me!

On the way up, we saw A LOT of monkeys as well as some banana peels littered all along the stairs. Slipping hazard... must be the work of these monkeys hehe. 

Flashing my victorious smile... I did it again :)))))))

Inside the cave... we walked all the way in

Standing right under a huge stalactite *yikes*

View from the top

Time to go down... not for the weak-kneed :p

I counted the steps all the way down. Daddy and I counted 271 but we later checked and found out there were actually 272.

I had a good time chasing the pigeons there

Birds of a feather flock together

After a "workout", the sight of this pile of coconuts made me very thirsty hehe

Aaah! Refreshingly thirst quenching!


  1. well done Chloe and mommy. I don't think i can walk up to 24 storey without stopping.

  2. 24 storey? Gosh, for this aunty yvonne, 24 steps is enough.

    Contradict to Chloe, I wish to stay in single storey house. I'm such a lazy bum, and batu caves is not my type of place, kekeke! I wonder when they (batu caves) would come up with elevator?

  3. Well done Chloe! It's one good exercise! ;)

  4. Go for it. In fact, there was one day were our lifts were all broken. So no choice. and u know what level are we. and our friend was in bad mood cos i had to piggy back him all the way up n down :0

    and my resolution for yr 2011 achieved..and that is taking the stairs in office rather than lift. i never took the lift in the office for a year..*so happy for myself*

  5. climbing up the stairs of batu caves is nice except for the part where i meet plenty of monkeys swinging around


  6. Wah, Chloe's in tip top condition. Bring her to the Great Wall. ;)

  7. Wah very good stamina. I think I will have muscle pain after climbing so many staircase.

  8. did she do that..very geng. I almost fainted when I climbed the stairs to the pagoda in Penang before I got married. *malu betul* Gwen would make a fuss if she has to climb so many flights of stairs..haha.

  9. I hate walking on staircase! I did this a lot when my previous Yogyakarta trip >///<

  10. WOW!!! Good exercise for your whole family. I will be panting for breath too. haha

    Hmm.....I should bring my kids to the batu caves too. Thks for reminding!


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