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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mummy's Little Kitchen Helper

It is the Winter Solstice festival today. Although we don't celebrate this festival, mummy and I made some "tang yuan" (glutinous rice balls) because mummy has not eaten this in a long time. The tang yuan that we made today is almost organic. Except for the ordinary glutinous rice flour used, the rest of the ingredients are all organic... from the peanuts, sugar, pandan leaves to the colouring (organic red dragonfruit juice).

Before making the tang yuan, mummy first made some peanut butter. After she had pan-roasted the peanut kernels, I helped her to remove the peanut skin.

100% homemade organic creamy peanut butter

Note: Peanut butter is very easy to make... just blend the pan-roasted peanuts into a paste (add a dash of sugar and salt for taste) 

Next, she boiled some pandan leaves with sugar

Then came the most fun part! This was also easy to make... just add water into the flour and mix well. Mummy added red dragonfruit juice to make the pink dough

Roll, roll, roll the balls... I rolled all the pink balls (plain ones) and told mummy "this is like play dough but dirtier" haha!

Mummy rolled the white ones with peanut butter fillings

Done! All the pink ones were done by me :) 

Tang yuan with pandan syrup

Yum yum... I like!

We have never made this before. Considering this our very first attempt, the outcome was not bad :) 


  1. Thumbs up to mummy and Chloe. The peanut butter filling looks so yummy. This almost 100% organic Tang Yuen is 100% healthy and yummy. Happy Dong Zhi to you, Chloe and family.

  2. Great work!~~~~~~ So fun cooking together, mummy and daughter...

    Both my kids also don't like to eat tang yuen.. hmm..

  3. That tang yuen with peanut filling looks delicious.

  4. year older one year wiser liao :)

  5. Good girl Chloe! You're now few years older! :P

  6. Mmmm..yummy and wholesome indeed. You are so health-conscious :) If i were to make them, it will be the plain ones as i'm too lazy to make the peanut filling...hehhehee

  7. know how to make peanut butter too! So wholesome and nutricious tong yuen. Hats off to mummy lah.

  8. Tat tang yuan wif peanut filling must be tasty. Good job Chloe and mummy.

  9. Wow! U r such a wholesome Mommy! I likey this! I usually buy the ones with fillings as I don't know how to make them. Ethan made tang yuan at school today though :)

  10. My girl was happily helping out my mother with the tang yuen. But she only ate pink ones :s

  11. Good one! I wish to have some especially the one with peanut filling

  12. Wah... looks really good. Well done Chloe.

  13. Well done mummy and Chloe....looks very yummy... Can I have some please?yum yum yum....

  14. clap clap! The tang yuen look so nice! And u r very hardworking too to DIY the peanut paste. Nowadays, i only buy frozen tang yuen from the hypermarket. haha...lazy me.


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