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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kiddy Fun Land

-Backdated post-

During the school holidays, mummy brought me to the malls quite regularly. Most of the time, I just tagged along while mummy did her groceries and other stuff. To make up for all those times when I accompanied her and endured long hours of boredom in silence, she brought me to these "kiddy fun lands" to cheer me up.

Kiddy Fun Land 1 - Jusco's Paper Town, 1 Utama
Despite being around for quite some time, this place is very well-maintained. Everything in it is clean, new and in working condition. Mummy doesn't mind letting me play here again and again...

This roll-roll-roll thing was very fun to play with!

Made myself a cup of tea in the very clean and tidy paper-kitchen... slurrrrp!

My handprints!

Having another ball of a time! Mummy brought me there early in the morning so there was no crowd at all :)

Kiddy Fun Land 2 - YuKids Island
Newly opened in The Curve, mummy took advantage of their opening offer of only RM10 for unlimited play time (she missed the FREE entry on their first 3 days of opening). This play land has the same concept as the Kid's E World in The Gardens where every play thing in it moves... they either rock, tilt or rotate.

I referred to this as "the most fun place in the world"!

Now you see me, now you don't!

Jump, jump, jump... how high can you jump?

Floating balloons!

"Geram" this very cuddly froggie

Resting on a rotating "drum" 

Hanging on to this merry-go-round... it's not easy to ride on this!

Another 5 more minutes, pleeeeease?

I was very happy and contented after spending a few hours playing in YuKids Island. Mummy initially allocated 2 hours for this but I kept begging for "extra time" and stretched my time here to nearly 3 hours! As soon as we got home and immediately after my bath, I sat down and wrote this note for mummy...

I wrote everything on my own and asked for spelling help for the word "bringing". I also drew a cute picture of mummy and I holding hands at the back of this. Very sweet of me, eh? :)


  1. Chloe is a very grateful kid. Mummy is raising Chloe so well. The playground looks really fantastic.

  2. I thought the last sentence in the note will be "I love you, mummy!" hehehe... Yes Chloe, you're sweetie pie to your mummy :-)

  3. So sweet of you Chloe. The places you went looks lovely. Too bad it's too far for me to bring my boys to play with you.

  4. Kids just love these indoor play gyms, right? A good biz to consider, hahaha. I am sure mummy keeps all your love notes, they will be more precious over the years. Btw, yes the school is YC.

  5. The jusco playland need to pay right??

    We also took advantage of YUkid. They will open in TCM soon n we go for their offer then.

  6. I've never introduce indoor playground to my kids before. But seeing Chloe so happily jumping / hanging and hiding in the colorful balls, I'll rethink about it :)

  7. LittleLamb: Yes, the playland in Jusco cost RM3 for 20 minutes of play time (RM1 for subsequent 10 mins)

  8. hey, this place looks very fun... i must bring my baobei there one day coz he's no.1 fans of balloon n balls :D
    tks for sharing!

  9. Nice place..I am sure my girls cannot tahan seeing this place..aahahahh

  10. How fun! YUKid looks nice and clean.

    The thank you note from her is such a sweet gesture :)

  11. Lovely place to have fun!~ She's so lovingly sweet.. prepare tq card somemore!~

  12. New playland for Sam, THe Curve! Only brought her to IPC or Hartamas playland all the while~

  13. Really fun and super big playground. Sigh no chance to be there.

  14. oh we still have not discovered this fun place despite going to 1U a few times already since the old wing reopened. looks like a lot of fun :)

  15. Looks like so much fun. Must try bringing ethan there one day :)

  16. Those places are kiddy's heaven ! Why she drew a sad bug on the bottom right side ? hehehe.....

  17. Thanks for sharing. I really lost touch on all these interesting places for kids. Chloe can write very well. I like her handwriting.

  18. The Yukids Island looks very nice and colorful. How come I dont know about it.. We went to Ikea and The Curve 2 weekends for this month dy. RM10 for unlimited play time still on ya??

  19. Yukids Island looks vy big, bright n clean. The tq note was a really sweet gesture. So mommy, when's the next trip to such kiddy fun lands? :)

  20. Wow, world of playground. How is the charges like?

  21. I'm sure Sarah will be thrilled if she see these playland.


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