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Monday, April 23, 2012

10th Sports Carnival at Sunway Lagoon - Part 1

We had an awesome, fun-filled day in Sunway Lagoon yesterday (Sunday 22/4) at my kindergarten's 10th Sports Carnival. I had lots of fun and came home giddy with happiness and excitement that lasted until the next day (today)!

I wanted this event noted down in my blog and told mummy... "Mummy you start like this... One day, a little girl went to Sunway Lagoon and won a lot of prizes! You must write like that ok". Hahaha!

*Excited* We woke up at 6:15am and reached the Surf Beach before 7:30am

Yipee yay! Sunway Lagoon, here we come again!

The Sports Carnival is held once in every 2 years. We also attended the previous event (the 9th) back in July 2010

The Surf Beach, where all the main events were held

Since we were early, we headed to the Creative Corners (game and activity booths) to while away some time...

I played almost all the games and won many small and cute gifts here

Doing stretching and warming-up exercises in the water... the carnival begins!

Mrs Headmistress launching the event

We were among the 1250 (record-breaking number of family members) who thronged the carnival 

Doing the mass-drill... an upbeat dance routine by the K2 pupils from all centres

Getting ready to take part in the sand-sculpting competition

Our Mega-Bloks sandcastle slowly taking shape... (mummy did not even take a photo of the completed sculpture because she did not anticipate that our simple design would win anything)

I did not help daddy with the sandcastle (I felt bored after a few minutes) and sneaked away to join my friends in the pool

Having a splashing good time!

Unveiling the daredevil in me... I went on this giant slide twice! 

Telematch time! I took part in 2 events... the "squeeze water into a bottle challenge" and the "drag the giant floatie race".

Go, go red team! However, no thanks to some kiasu parents who kept "taking over" the kids' roles and ignoring the games marshall's repeated warnings, our team was disqualified in the first event :(

Our lunch... KFC set meals

Enjoying my Colonel burger... this is probably my second time eating KFC, a very rare treat indeed.

Throughout the event, there were non-stop announcements for all the lucky draw, games, best this-and-that and competition winners. While having our lunch, one of the announcements caught our attention. Surprise, surprise! Daddy nearly choked on his chicken when we were announced the first prize winners of the Sand-Sculpting Competition!

1st prize winners... it's unbelievable!!! Honestly, we really did not deserve this win and felt sorry for the other teams who came up with much better designs than ours! *shy*

Finally... leftover gifts up for grabs just before the carnival ended!

Our prizes and goodie bags... both daddy and mummy suffered from sore arms after lugging these HEAVY stuff (including our personal belongings of bags, clothing, water etc.) from the theme park to the carpark, which was quite a distance away!

The most fun part... opening our presents! These two yellow boxes are the biggest prizes that we brought home. A very big thank you to the sponsors for their very generous contributions!

Philips radio/CD-player and DVD player. 

White board on a metal easel

Toys and misc stuff

Water tumblers

Vouchers and Pelikan gift pack

Stuffs inside the Pelikan gift pack

Sunway Lagoon's All Park entry tickets for 2 adults worth RM150

Collectible magazines and a very interesting book, Hotel Tales (it's a very good read especially for people like us who love to stay in hotels ;))

Other miscellaneous small gifts

Although I did not win any medals this time around, I did not feel any less happier. To me, the things here are worth much more than a medal *wink* Mummy has already given away many of the things here and she will be giving away more although I would like to keep EVERYTHING to myself hehe. You'd be surprised to know what I picked as my favourite present here... The Hot Wheels toy car set!


  1. many prizes! Big ones some more. :) The sports carnival looked awesome indeed. Can see Chloe enjoyed herself tremendously. The sand sculpture is really nice. Bravo to Daddy!

  2. very good prizes!! and the sculpture is nice ma.. congrats!

  3. whoa! you all won so many prizes! My kids didnt even attend a single telematch :S They were more interested in checking out the rides. Your sand sculture was really good!!!

  4. Wow! DVD and CD players, Adidas Tumblers, toys, whiteboard, colour pencils, and other misc gifts from just one day event. No wonder Chloe is so happy and delighted.

  5. I can see it was a hot day ya? But I think all the kids had fun!

  6. wahhh....ur kiddie so happening. Sports Day at the most fun and exciting theme park, that's cool!!!

  7. oh my, you all managed to win so many fabulous prizes? well done!! i like her kindy. the sports carnival at sunway is just too cool.

  8. Very fruitful carnival and congrats of all the prizes winning. Aunty drooling over of that hahaha

  9. wow what a fruitful day out at the carnival! Looks like SO much fun :-) congrats on winning!

  10. Congrats!! Your kindy sports day is so fun! Lots of prizes!!

  11. wow...good grabs!! Very pandai of you to grab so much :)

  12. wow, the prizes was great, and got so many sponsor gifts too..tak mcm pun kindy punye sports day..looks more like a company trip to me...hahaha

  13. wow, wow, wow!! So many gifts you got, Chloe~ And you have your sport day in Sunway Lagoon :D

  14. OMG ... so fun so much goodies .... heh , how come got such super nice sport carnival at kindergarten wan ???? envy lei ....

  15. WOW! That certainly is one awesome sports carnival! Just look at the prizes!!!!!!! No wonder our dear Chloe was excited till the very next day too! Love her suggested opening line for your blog post. She practically summed up the whole carnival in her eyes! Clever.

  16. wow, that's really a lot of pressie u got!

  17. Congratulations!!! Wah! Now I believe what your daddy said to me, until I see the pictures of all the prizes. The sand s is so beautiful.

  18. Very cool event! The sponsors are indeed very generous, haha!

  19. walaowei, good job u guys! sooooo many cool presents! :)

  20. Congrats! The sand sculpture is indeed very nice! U all deserved a prize.

  21. U deserve to win first ma.. it's very nice...

    Wow! So many nice prizes..... got so many sponsors.. so nice!

    Chloe can start writing her own blog d.. haha!

  22. Fuyoh, all the prizes are not the cheaplak one wor...hehe.
    Nice leh...

    The sand sculpture is good!


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