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Monday, January 7, 2013

Setia City Park Playground

Backdated: 7th Dec 2012

We went to Setia City Mall today because mummy was curious to check out the mall after hearing so much about it from her friends. The mall was quite big and very pleasant. When mummy was done with her shopping, it was my turn to enjoy some outdoor activities at the playground (and park) just outside the mall. This playground was quite different from those common and ordinary playgrounds. It had a lot of "spinning rides" and I enjoyed playing here so much that I refused to leave, not even when it started to drizzle!

The park was quite "bare" but it's a nice place to enjoy an evening stroll

Dancing fountain at the entrance of the mall


  1. Yes we been here before. The playground is really nice and fun, love it. My kids afraid of those spinning rides....haha

  2. Looks like Chloe had so much fun at the playground! Macam she occupy the whole playground :p

  3. Chloe is having so much fun in the park.

  4. Chloe is so happy there! I have not been to Setia City Mall.

  5. I was pleasantly surprised with the playground too. The biggest free outdoor playground I've seen!

  6. VPN is working ya :)

    Looks like fun place for kids

  7. This playground is big, new and nice. The weather that day looks good too. I hope Chloe is doing fine now in Shanghai.

  8. I see the playground is spacious and new :) And the slide on the stairs, unique la.


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