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Monday, January 21, 2013

Smaland @ Ikea

This is one of my favourite playlands simply because it is free. It's actually a very simple place with not many things to play inside. Mummy cannot understand why I can play here again and again and again without getting bored of the place! Just look at my number of visits so far...

I get a sticker for each visit (minus a few stickers thrown away)... I have played here over 20 times in just a few months! Oh well, thanks to mummy, for bringing me here almost every week! :p

I usually play here alone. Sometimes, I make new friends but on most days, I'm happy with just playing on my own.

Writing about a girl named Hannah whom I met in Smaland

One of my Smaland playdates with cousin Leanne

Notice the colour of the balls... they are red (well, mostly).

My final entry into Smaland with two friends, VY and VH. I have almost reached the maximum height limit of 130cm (I'm currently at 128cm) so I probably will not get to play here on our next trip back to Malaysia.

Notice the colour of the balls again... they are blue. This was just 2 weeks after my last visit here with Leanne. They DO change and wash the balls after all :)

And being a citizen of Smaland, I've earned enough Dallars to redeem this T-shirt...

The front and back of my cute ladybug tee :)


  1. hahaha sure syok la coz can meet new friends

  2. Wah wah wah, looks like so much fun!
    I love the tee!

  3. Sam never enter to Smaland before, wanna brought her there once but the queue was too long >.<

  4. Soon she will over the height, cannot go in already. But good that she able to hang out with her friend and have a happy time.

  5. Hey, the ladybird T is so cute, just like the new owner :)

  6. Wow... she's been there so many times. My kids hv nvr been there b4.

  7. Smaland, my two girls got to go once. The elder told me it wasn't interesting enough for her age. By now, she has outgrown this playland already.

  8. the t-shirt. So cute!

  9. I believe Chloe would have good memory in future by looking at those stickers.

  10. I haven't brought Gwen to smaland before coz we seldom go to ikea. The tee is very cute. Omg..Chloe is so tall.


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