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Monday, April 15, 2013

Yu Yuan Garden

Two Saturdays ago, we played tourists again and visited Yu Yuan Garden - the most famous garden located in the heart of Shanghai Old City. It is a classical garden built during the Ming Dynasty in 1577. One of the unique charms of this place can be seen in its ancient building designs with pagoda-like roofs.

We did not go into the special garden specifically (will leave that for our next trip here) but we just walked around the bazaars surrounding the garden. The place was super crowded and teeming with tourists!

This mini town consists of only Chinese traditional buildings like this...

Just outside one of the many bazaars selling all kinds of stuff that attract tourists, from handicrafts to food

The massive Saturday crowd

Local sweets and goodies

Trinkets and small souvenirs

China's most loveable mascot

We walked on the "nine-bend" zigzag bridge. Saw some fish and tortoises in the shallow pond below

Scenery as seen from the bridge...

When east meets west... It is not surprising to see Starbucks or Haagen-Dazs sitting amidst this very traditional Chinese garden :)

We had a light snack of stinky tofu, egg tarts and herbal jelly (gui lin gao)

I also had a "small" cotton candy... (I wanted it very badly and mummy requested the seller to make a small one for me. She made this for me and said "nah, a small one for you..." @_@)

Cheeky face :p


  1. Wah see the crowd, really mountain people mountain sea. The cotton candy is really "SMALL" keke.

  2. The place is so beautiful!
    And yea, the crowd is crazy!

  3. wahhhh like that kira small ah????LOL//////

  4. Very nice place...and the local goodies looks good.

  5. Love those souvenir shops. Beautiful place in Shanghai.

  6. I like the place very much, so clean and nice. Love the each of the houses roof top.

    My friend asked is it near the "Fu Zi" temple?

    Can share with Auntie Angeline or not that cotton candy....

    1. I'm not sure where exactly is the Fu Zi Temple. It could be nearby, I don't know :p The cotton candy is so big, dun say Auntie Angeline la, strangers ask also I would give haha.

  7. Very beautiful place, I also wish to go..

  8. I think these place is too crowded to take a proper photo >.<

  9. I never really expected Shanghai to be like this, I mean with its beautiful well preserved building. I thought that city is full with skyscrapers.

  10. so crowded ! Since you all are already there, don't miss the opportunity to visit and travel all those tourists places.

  11. The cotton candy is SMALL!! wonder if BIG, how big lor!! hahaha!!!

  12. It looks pretty crowded during weekends but with the chilling weather is still good to enjoy touring around the city,

  13. I'm surprised mummy let Chloe eat cotton candy hehe some more so big. Nice place to visit.


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