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Sunday, September 22, 2013

When My Folks Ignore Me...

... I learn to do things on my own, for myself! 

There are days when daddy and mummy are too busy to entertain my request for something, like that day when I asked mummy to teach me to play a new piece on the piano. Mummy was busy cooking and I couldn't wait for her to finish so I learned to play it by myself... and I did it! I learn to play all new pieces on my own now... it is a good way to improve my sight-reading! 

When (I think) nobody is watching, I sit like this while playing the piano @-@

Recently, I had a shaky tooth again. I pleaded with daddy (my personal "dentist") many times to help me pull it out but he kept saying "later". He felt that the tooth was not loose enough for manual extraction (with his bare hands). Desperate to end the pain, discomfort and misery caused by the dangling tooth, I pulled it out on my own! *proud*

Shaky and painful tooth no more, thanks to... myself! :)


  1. Good job Chloe! Aunty is so proud of you.

  2. Wah, Chloe is such a good girl!
    I hope Aden can be that independent too when he grows up, hehe~

  3. Pandai Chloe. Getting very independent now :)

  4. Good job Chloe, clever girl.Your personal dentist is good too keke.

  5. You're such a clever girl! Such things happen here too. The other day, Sherilyn pulled off her own tooth because we were too busy to bring her to the dentist :D

  6. Yikes! Pulling out your own shaky tooth is.. scary! I can never do that...

  7. You're such a gooood lovely girl la! Aunty Irene likey!!


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