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Monday, December 9, 2013

Eating Out 6 - Yuji Restaurant

This is one of our favourite restaurants and we didn't know the name of the restaurant until recently :p (it's all in Chinese and we never bothered to find out). All this while, we have been referring to it as the "brown sofa restaurant" because that's what the restaurant is furnished with haha! Well, let's see what's good in this "brown sofa restaurant"... 

Streamed silky smooth egg with shrimp and clam... This is our absolute favourite and we ALWAYS order this dish whenever we dine here. However, in our most recent visit, the restaurant has changed their menu and this dish is no longer available :(

Cold taufu with soya sauce and century eggs

Fish slices in spicy and sour soup... a very flavourful dish but the fish is very bony

Cauliflower... Shanghai's "signature" veggie dish (prepared the same style in all restaurants here)

Sweet and sour pork... Yummmmmy!

Braised egg and taufu

We love this huge pot of soup... the soup is bursting with flavour and ingredients, from prawns, meatballs, meat slices, fish balls, fish chunks, dumplings to veggies and black fungus. Superlicious!

Forgot what noodle is this... looks plain but very tasty!

Another Shanghai specialty... Lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice. It is a sweet dish, more like a dessert. Nice!

Every meal here never disappoints! :)

This was the same restaurant that was blogged here


  1. All the food sure looks very yummy! And I like the "brown sofa" description. hehe.

  2. Steamed silky smooth egg with shrimp and clam, just the name already made me drool!!

  3. That's too bad that your favourite dish is no longer available :(

  4. wei...tambah how many kg over there? A lot of good food leh

    1. No tambah kg so far...we only eat out once a week lah. If eat out everyday, sure tambah cos local food here are very oily!

  5. Oh my, the food looks scrumptious and different from what I used to see from TV! They are more healthy because I thought China usually serves oily food :p

  6. That huge pot of soup with ALL those good 'stuff' definitely looks nice and warm for a cold winters night...

  7. Despite the negative hype about fake foods and unethical practices in china, china is still a place with lots and lots of great food and cuisine too!


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