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Monday, December 30, 2013

Saturday Outing: A Day in Taipei

We are currently staying in Hsinchu City, some 80km south of Taipei. It is an industrial park that is home to hundreds of high-tech companies (including the one that daddy works in). 

On Saturday and Sunday, when daddy was not working, we went to Taipei for sight-seeing. The hotel that we are staying in provides free shuttle services to the capital city...

Chauffeur-driven in a luxury sedan! We were pleasantly surprised by this VIP treatment :)

We did a free and easy self-tour of Taipei by taking the subway (ostrich poster is taken from one of the subway station walls). 

The iconic Taipei 101. We did not go up to the observatory deck because the sky was not clear (foggy/hazy).

Since we did not go up the building, we just walked around its compound...

Colourful blocks (each with individual names engraved on it)

A sculpture made from retired cables from the Taipei 101 observatory high-speed elevators. The description says "... to create beauty from otherwise discarded material".

We walked to a nearby mall and had lunch in a busy food court

Wantan noodles

Tofu rice set

Cheese-baked rice with squid...

Bread and creamy soup

Creme brûlée 

After lunch, we walked to Eslite, a mega bookstore which sold more than just books. There were quite a lot of interesting stuff to see here. We like!

Taipei 101 looking blur in the background....that's what I meant by foggy/hazy.

On the way to a subway station, we walked past this nicely lighted-up street 
 adorned with many cute and whimsical figurines...

I took out an umbrella just to blend in haha!

Last stop... shopping and makan-makan at Shihlin Night Market. It was sooooooo crowded, we had difficulty walking without "rubbing shoulders" with strangers. 

The first thing we bought was this white bittergourd juice with honey. Daddy and mummy liked it but not me. Eww, no thanks!

Look at that huge block of peanut candy! This is "ice-cream popiah" with shaved peanut candy. Yummy!

Non-fried prawn crackers. I like! Mummy bought 3 packs.

Cute bear cakes. I like this too... got custard, chocolate and honey fillings.

Oyster mee suah. We had two bowls from different stalls. I just liked the mee suah but not the oysters.

Ooh, giant sausage! Brainwashed by my health-freak mummy, I commented "this is too oily...and too sweet!" LOL! So guess what, mummy fished out a piece of tissue paper and blotted the excess oil for me ;)

Tako (shrimp balls) with kimchi and pickled cabbage. Very nice!

Frog egg drink... refreshing drinks with jelly and some chewy stuff in it

Fried milk! This was the last thing we bought. We ate one stick on the spot and brought the remainder two all the way back to our hotel...

... to be enjoyed with beer (from the FOC minibar in our room) 


  1. Taipei is full of yummy food and sigh seeing. December pretty cold isn't it when wind blows...

    1. Yes, it's winter here too but very much warmer than in Shanghai. Just nice! :)

  2. Wow..travelling in style. Oh..your photos have tempted me to go Taiwan hehe..

    Enjoy your holiday. I understand now why u posted that u need to have your daily healthy food fix now haha..

  3. Chloe blended in so well with the umbrellas that I almost didn't see her...ahhahaha.

  4. Ice cream popiah sounds interesting!

  5. How does that fried milk taste like ? Never seen this while I was in Taiwan last year.

    1. It's like milk candy with a fried crust... Something like the White Rabbit milk candy but much softer.


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