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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taiwan: Sunday Outing and How We Spent Our Weekdays

The Sunday shuttle from our hotel to Taipei was only for half a day so we didn't do much due to time constraint. We visited a "friendship clock". Right opposite was a night market, which obviously wasn't opened during the day so after watching the musical chime at 1 o'clock, we went for lunch and headed to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial. 

It was a slightly wet morning (drizzled on and off)

The busy-looking night market which only opened very much later in the day

The temple beside the night market was equally busy... there was a long queue to get in

Watching the musical chime of the "friendship clock"

Next stop... Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

The majestic hall

We arrived just in time to see the changing of the guards

Up close with the newly-on-duty handsome guard hehe...

The grand entrance of the memorial hall

The National Theatre

Arch at the main entrance

That pretty much sums up our visit to Taipei. We managed to cover only a few places but it is ok. Daddy has regular work commitments here so we will most likely be back for another trip in the future ;) 

Meanwhile, during the weekdays when daddy was at work, mummy and I spent most of our time relaxing in the hotel. The hotel is located along a busy street so going out for food and shopping was easy and convenient. Here are the things I did almost everyday...

Homework first thing in the morning. After that, I was free to do whatever I liked. I usually watched TV, read a book or played some iPad games.

Playing in the bath tub was my daily favourite too

Went to a nearby playground


Afternoon tea with mummy

Happy Hour at the hotel lounge on certain days... free flow of drinks (wine, beer, cocktail and juices) on the house :)

Big City mall in Hsinchu city... love this place!

More (window) shopping!

Taiwan is truly a land of bubble tea. In just about any street, 1 in every 5 shops is a bubble tea shop. We lost count on the number of drinks bought... at least one large cup every day, sometimes even up to 3! 

Me, my cuppa and a good book :)


  1. I'm so surprise that your mommy let u eat McD and drink Chatime :P

  2. Haha, on holiday ma, just whack la. We ate a lot of junk food in this trip. Food post coming up next ;)

  3. Chloe is growing to be a very pretty girl.

    Nic adventures over there. Food seems cheap and plenty to explore


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