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Monday, March 31, 2014

Eating Out 7 - Ikea Restaurant

Ikea is one of our favourite weekend lepak places. There are at least 3 Ikea stores in Shanghai and the nearest one to our home is just a few Metro stations away. Every time we miss home, we will just head to this Ikea and imagine we are in Mutiara Damansara haha! After all, the sight, the smell (especially) and the Ikea feel are the same everywhere :p

Dining here is something that we always look forward to. Besides the usual Swedish stuff, they have localised flavours (rice sets) to suit the Chinese palates as well...

The dinning area is HUGE! 

Children's play area

We usually order this Family Set, which comes with 2 mains, a kiddy meal, a salad and 2 refillable drinks. RMB59 (RM30)

Ikea's most popular... Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam and mashed potato, RMB15 (RM8)

Salmon and spinach lasagna... we love this! (not sure of the ala carte price)

Poached salmon, RMB29 (RM15)

Hot smoked salmon (thoroughly cooked) with veggies and pasta, RMB23.50 (RM12)

Kiddy meal, RMB12 (RM6+)

Braised pork rice, RMB18 (RM9+)

Vegetarian rice, RMB16 (RM8+)

Mushroom rice, RMB16 (RM8+)

Assorted fresh fruit juices (blended on the spot)... RMB10 (RM5+)

Refillable coffee RMB5 (RM2.60)

Ice cream parlour

Quite pricey at RMB15 (RM8) per scoop... but very rich and delicious!

Clean plate every time we dine here.

Snack counters... we only buy 1 thing from here - the RMB1 (RM0.55) sundae cone. The hotdog sets are available here too (but we've never tried it). In Ringgit, all these are at almost half-price. Pretty cheap! Too bad, no curry puffs :(

Our must-have, even in winter! ^^


  1. all are funny that Ikea can remind you so much of home :) The food sure look delish!

  2. The menu in Ikea Shanghai is more extensive I think. I like going to Ikea to lepak too but recently did not eat at Ikea restaurant because there is always many people eating there. The prices in Ikea Shanghai is a bit cheaper than here I think.

    Good to see Chloe enjoying her meal and finished off everything on her plate. Nice!

  3. spacious leh that place. Gotta visit it one of these days but then if go there sure on chance visit liao :(

  4. The choices is food is more than what they got here..

  5. I didn't know Ikea offer such yummy food. My hubby dislikes the long queue and limited tables at ikea..

  6. Food choices are much more greater than here!

  7. Love love love the salmon. The price of the sundae cone is so cheap comparing to IKEA here.


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