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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bend and Twist

Last Saturday morning, I woke up as usual at 8am. Realising how tired and worn-out mummy looked, I've decided not to disturb her and let her sleep a little longer. Being a good girl, I kept myself quietly occupied with that little piece of thing that has always fascinated me. Since it was left beside mummy's bed and was easily within my reach, I thought "Why not...?"

I was busy bending and twisting my new "toy" when suddenly, mummy lept out of bed, let out a faint yell and grabbed that thing away from me. Later, I saw mummy immitating my actions. She was bending and twisting it too - something I've never seen her done before. She mumbled something and passed it to daddy. Daddy too, started to bend and twist it like I did. They mumbled something to each other and then glared at me with a look that said "How did you do it, ar? See... we can't straighten it back to its original form!"


  1. Adui.... kesian mummy... apa boleh buat?? makan loti O...

  2. So what you do finally? Send to spectacle shop for repair?

  3. Ya lor... apa boleh buat? Tried to bend it back but still can't make it perfect. It's a bit loose now and the "alignment" also out a bit... Sigh...

  4. Oh yes, also forgot to mention that 2 months ago, the little monster also broke her daddy's specs. 1 lens cost rm100 leh... luckily she only broke 1 side hehehe...


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