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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Teething again

In addition to my mini set of 8 teeth, four new pre-molars (gigi geraham kecil) have erupted from all the four corners of my jaws, which means I have a total of 12 teeth at 13 months. Three of them are clearly visible, while the one on my lower right jaw is just cutting through. It's not easy to catch a glimpse of my new teeth unless I go waaaaaaaaaah!! Maybe that describes why everytime I cry, mummy will tell daddy, "Quickly... come and see. There! There! Can you see it?"

It's funny to learn that our teeth do not actually grow from front to back. According to the front-to-back order, next to appear should be the canine (gigi taring) but since the canines are still in hiding, the presence of the pre-molars have left some gaps on my gums. I can feel with my tongue, something like this: teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, gum, teeth, gum...

Mummy says I'm a good girl because despite the discomfort, she considers me quite well-behaved (meaning: not making unnecessary fuss or being too cranky). I also suspect this teething thingy is the main culprit of last week's fever.

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