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Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Miss Clean

My mummy is a neat freak... a cleanliness freak, whatever you call it. Inevitably, I am also trained (and still being trained) to be one, if I did not already inherit it from her.

Among the things I would do without being told are:

- Picking up tiny crumbs, strands of hair or any specks of foreign materials on the floor and throwing them into the dustbin.
- When I spill water accidentally, I will take a piece of cloth or a mop to clean it up
- I dislike soiled or sticky hands and will demand to go WASH HANDS.
- I rarely dirty my clothes, the furniture or the floor even when I'm eating sticky, messy and gooey stuff

I love to wash my hands (It's a great excuse to play with water, so why not?)


  1. Good to learn to be hygiene from young.

  2. same here. and i dont like the sight of ants too. even if i see 1 ant, i will wipe the whole place (table or wall or whatever)

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