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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stuck At Home

It was supposed to be an eventful 5-day (Hari Raya) holiday starting with a much anticipated hotel stay at PGH today followed by a trip to the zoo and a few other places but things just didn't turn out as planned.

Here's why...

Yes, daddy has chicken pox! And we will have to be quarantined at home for at least the next 7-10 days.

Oh yes, today is actually a very special day for daddy and mummy. Happy 8th Anniversary, daddy and mummy! Looks like nothing can stop them from celebrating this special day. Although it has been a hectic day for them (as Yeh-yeh was also admitted to the hospital today for a mild stroke), they still found a way to end the day on a sweet note...

"Happy birthday to you" cake (Everytime I see cakes, I will surely insist that it's Happy Birthday To You and nothing else hahaha...)


  1. Oh, dear! No fun getting chickpox when you're all grown up. And you're immunised?

  2. It's a tad too late for me to get immunised now (from being infected by daddy)... and mummy thinks suppressing it doesn't sound too good. She's prepared to take care of me IF i do get it :-)

  3. Married for 8 years??

    Hope Daddy has recovered and didint pass thevirus to Chloe.

  4. whoa...lots happening! I hope everything gets better... Happy Anniversary Lily and Yu Hong!


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