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Friday, October 31, 2008

The First Supper

I had a very rare treat today. It was my first "meal" at McDonald's. It was close to 10pm (my usual bedtime) and here I was, enjoying my very first "late night" supper.

I ate some flattened fries (with oil squeezed out as dry as possible), a few small mouthfuls of Fillet O Fish and banana pie, and some chocolate sundae...

Yum-yum... better savour this to the max cos we don't get to do this often.

On the way home, a funny conversation was heard in the car:

Mummy: BB, where did we go just now?
Me: McDonald... Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O....
Mummy & Daddy: HAHAHAHAHA!!

They think I'm the best joker around.


  1. haha what make daddy and mommy brake the rule for her getting supper :)

  2. First time eating Mcdonalds for Chloe????

  3. Auntie Vicky, it's Friday ma... we just felt happy for no reason and since we were already out and loooooong time din go to McD, so just popped in for a light snack lor..

  4. Yes, auntie Rachel... it's my first dine-in at McD and my 1st time eating other stuff besides sundae :-)


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