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Monday, April 13, 2009

32 Months Old

I am 32 months old today.

- Height: 98cm Weight: 15kg
- I ask questions that seek details. When I see a bird, I'll ask "What bird is that?" The same goes for other things like trees, flowers, fish etc.
- I love bribes and surprises. If mummy promises me something and forgets about it, I will surely remind her "Mummy, you said give me something?"
- I am quite nosey and like to know what's happening around me. When mummy talks on the phone, I always ask "who's that?" When daddy and mummy are talking, I want to join in too. I am also forever asking "What are you doing?" and "What happened?"
- I still love to make funny and ugly faces when told to smile at the camera

1 grape, 1000 expressions


  1. =.= my nephew also will remember to remind me if I promise him something and yet to fulfill it - will even ask his mom to remind me. Haha, kids memory really makes me chuckles.

    And yes, the funny expressions too when asked to smile on camera. Haa, I think we adults should behave that too, eh?

  2. Haha auntie SP, so remember not to simply make empty promises eh ;-)


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