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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fan of Mr Men

Books again? Well, this is just my "luck" for having a pair of crazy parents who can't stop buying books. After coming home from the MPH warehouse sales with some new Mr Men books today, we decided to recapture our collection...

Mummy grew up reading this Mr Men series (in those days, they were all borrowed from Ah Ma's school library). Naturally, she's also trying to make me a junior fan as well. She started this collection even before I was born.

I love the Mr Men very much too. Mummy loves the witty humour, fun repetitions and silly exaggerations. I love the colourful characters and the cute things that they say and do.

Lately, mummy has been reading so much, she's gotten really tired (saliva also partially dried up) and had to temporarily hide the books away.

Besides books, she also bought me an educational VCD, apparels and water bottles (redeemed from credit card points).


  1. yor... i love buying books too! wah tat is really one neat collection of books!

  2. wow, the t-shirt, socks and water tumblers are so nice and colourful :D


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