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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Shopping Babe

Mummy loves shopping. Daddy loves shopping. With such parental influence, it's quite impossible for me to dislike it. Shopping is our passion. Every Saturday, if we do not have any other plans, we will definitely spend the entire day in a mall. We've been doing this since I was a month old baby.

We window-shop most of the time, which is why I'm always contented after a round of playing in the toy section. I think the toy shops and departmental store owners are already frowning at us!!

So far, I still do not know how to demand for toys. I've never thrown any tantrums over toys and I've never asked daddy or mummy to buy me toys, except for the mini stroller that I liked. Hopefully I'll never learn this "request" at all hahaha.

I'm also very much more well-behaved in shopping malls than at home, which greatly supports the idea of us going out more often. I don't run around, I don't scream or throw tantrums, I keep my hands to myself most of the time and I very rarely (almost never) cause any trouble at all.


  1. Sounds like a really good girl! You shd see my son! He is totally the opposite! Thats why we hardly go out!!!!

  2. Haha... ya, quite the opposite. This one, at home, like a monkey but when we go out, boleh lah... quite well-behaved :-)

  3. u are such a GOOOOOOOOOOD girl!


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