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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Miss Homecooked Food

The phrase "Mummy's cooking is always the best" has never sounded so right until today... when I finally realized how much I missed mummy's cooking, eventhough she's quite a lousy cook! Haha.

After being deprived of healthy, balanced and nutritious meals for 4 consecutive days (that's the longest I've ever experienced), I hungrily wolfed down the first few meals that mummy cooked upon our return from the trip. Feeding me was such a breeze. I would just sapu everything off the bowl, leaving nothing behind, and in a record-breaking time too.

That was a clear indication of how much I missed home-cooked meals. All this while, I've never been a fan of outside food. I dislike food that are overly flavourful. If given the choice, I would prefer food that are bland, with minimal seasonings, which is what mummy's cooking is all about.

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  1. Wow ... that certainly makes mommy very happy too :) Your mommy's cooking must be really yummy! My girl still prefers outside food if she was given the chance sad to say.


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