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Monday, May 25, 2009


Putting the blame (again) on my poor and irregular diet during the trip which lacked proper nutrition, I fell ill today. I woke up with a high fever of 39.7 C. Oh dear, high fever is one of the main symptoms of that dreaded H1N1 virus. Panic-stricken and fearful, daddy and mummy almost regretted going against family advice of cancelling the trip.

When my fever did not subside in the afternoon (after taking 2 doses of fever med), daddy came home early from work to bring me to the clinic. After the doctor confirmed that it was only a stomach infection, all their doubts and worries melted away instantly. Phew! To bring down my high temperature, the doctor inserted a rectal suppository for me. In just a couple of minutes, it was back to normal.

I also had diarrhea. I've never had diarrhea in my whole life before. At 2 years 9 months, I finally had my first experience. The doctor gave me some probiotics and "wind medicine" to expel the excess wind in my stiff and bloated tummy.

For nearly all my meals in Singapore, I ate only bread and fruits plus a tiny bit of everything that daddy and mummy ate. Despite supplementing my meals with lots of fresh fruits that mummy purposely went to buy at the supermarkets, I was still down with a stomach infection. Hmm... what could have possibly gone wrong? Maybe she failed to wash them as thoroughly as she would at home. Again, being exposed to so many people and so many things in a new environment, anything could happen...

Again, I was glued to the sofa and didn't budge at all from 8am-5pm! The fever and diarrhea had made me very weak and lethargic. For the first half of the day, I did get up to pee and poo. From noon onwards, I was so lazy and cranky, mummy had to put on a diaper for me.

Poor baby...

The next day, I was back to my usual self. The fever did not come back. I looked like I had bounced back to health but the diarrhea still persisted. The doctor said it would take 3-4 days to clear. As long as I was fever-free and did not show any signs of having a flu, daddy and mummy could finally breathe a sigh of relief!

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