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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Mine Too

Ocassionally, daddy would bring home some tidbits from his office (given by his colleagues) and leave them on the dining table. Yesterday, he brought home 2 pieces of chocolate wafers and a mini swiss roll.

When I discovered the little "treasure" this morning, I grabbed the swiss roll and brought it to mummy...

Me: I want to eat this.
Mummy: It's daddy's. You must ask him first (daddy's away at work).
Me: I want to eat thiiiiiisssssss...
Mummy: I said it's daddy's. It's not mine. You ask him lah. He's not around. How? (she just wanted to test my response)
Me: But... but... he left it in BB's house, you know. This is BB's house!

Haha... my reasoning is very simple. He has left it in MY house so am I not entitled to it too?

Anything you leave in my house is mine... understand?

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