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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Singapore Trip Part I

Daddy and mummy brought me to Singapore for a short 4D3N holiday. It was my very first "oversea" trip. I woke up very early at 6am today to catch our 8:45am flight at the LCCT.

At the airport, daddy made me wear a face mask (because of the current H1N1 epidemic). There was just enough time for us to have our breakfast at MarryBrown. I quite liked the plain and simple egg burger.

After a short wait, I finally got to ride on a real airplane for the very first time. My first comment was "The aeroplane is soooooo big! Got staircase!" Hahaha.

I enjoyed the flight very much. I was very well behaved and didn't make any fuss during the 40-minute journey. I was extremely chatty and talked a lot too. I must have amused the uncle who was sitting behind me because later, he smiled at me and asked daddy about my age.

Upon landing, we took a shuttle bus to Terminal 2 to hop on the MRT to get to Aunty BS's house in Ang Mo Kio. It was quite a long journey... longer than our flight from KL to Singpore!

From the plane to the bus to the MRT...

After that, we went to a neighbourhood mall for a short stroll and lunch. Sat on a few kiddy rides and headed home for my bath and afternoon nap.

In the evening, we went out for dinner and shopping again. Before that, I made a special request to explore the playground first. Besides the cute flooring, everything else was pretty much the same...

The following day was all about eating and shopping. Kau-foo was our tour guide of the day. He brought us to Orchard Road. We went to Plaza Singapura and had our lunch there. Luckily mummy borrowed a stroller from Ping Ping yi-yi in advance so I didn't have to walk much and could even take my nap in it!

Yum-yum... savouring the Green Tea with red bean and Dark Chocolate Hokkaido ice-cream

Later, we hopped over to Vivo City. We wanted to have dinner at Marche Movenpick but the place was so crowded, it was crazy. Not wanting to waste time waiting in the long queue, we went to a Chinese restaurant with cute "hand chairs".

At the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) shop, Kau-foo wanted to get me a gift. I was attracted to a cute handbag but mummy chose these 3-in-1 food containers for me instead. Thank you, Kau-foo!

In the mall, I was happy to walk without daddy and mummy...

Left pic: With Aunty BS and Uncle D. Right Pic: With Kau-foo

On the way home, Kau-foo stopped his car at the roadside so that we could run to the Merlion to take some photos...

What a tiring day! We got home quite late at about 11pm. After a quick late-night shower, I fell alseep almost immediately after finishing my milk.


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