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Friday, May 22, 2009

Singapore Trip Part II

On the 3rd day, we packed our belonging and "migrated" over to Ping Ping yi-yi's (mummy's cousin) house. Before that, we went to the Singapore Zoo.

Mummy wanted to rent a stroller for me but Ping yi-yi was so quick. She had already paid for it before mummy could walk to the counter. I also met my cousin Thien Siang for the 1st time.

The zoo here was much nicer than Zoo Negara. Some of the animals that we saw here were not even available in Zoo Negara. They were...

... polar bears, penguins, white tigers, proboscis monkeys and few other animals.

We also watched a few animal shows.

The best thing about this zoo was, many of the enclosures had glass panels that enabled us to view the animals close-up.

Ooh... the pygmy hippo was actually quite cute and the monkeys (gibbons, I think) were very, very naughty!

We had lunch at the Ah Meng Restaurant. Ah Meng the orang-utan, was the zoo's famous mascot, which died recently.

We had a scoop of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream for dessert too.

Sitting on the Ben & Jerry's cow... and that's Chunky Monkey (banana ice-cream with walnuts and chocolate chunks)

Again, I fell asleep towards the end of the trip.

Before saying bye-bye to the zoo, mummy bought me 2 pairs of cute animal slippers (cos it was buy 1, free 1) from the souvenir shop.

My cute "Crocs" and turtle slippers

After leaving the zoo, we went to Ping yi-yi's house to shower and rest. I loved playing with baby Thien Siang. He is 7 months old and he's a very cute and adorable baby! I kept sayang-ing him and adoring him...

I also enjoyed playing with all his toys! I especially loved his rocker chair...

Later, we went for dinner at a Hong Kong restaurant. Kau-foo joined us too. After that, we went to Ikea to shop for my little red chair. Too bad, it was also out of stock here. It was much cheaper here so mummy has placed her order with Kau-foo, who will buy and bring it back for us later. We also bought a few storage boxes which was soooo irresistably cheap (almost 50% cheaper than here, even after the currency conversion!)

It was another very tiring day today. We came home past 11.30pm and headed straight to bed.


  1. big already still drnk from bottle? use the cup..

    wah..i like ben & Jerry ice cream...

    heheeh makes me wanna make a trip to Sg.

  2. Cup? I'd rather not drink at all hehe... sucking from the teat is part of the enjoyment la ;-) (Fyi, mummy has tried giving me the cup, but it has been repeatedly rejected by me)


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