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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calling Her By Her Name

This morning, while mummy was coughing and clearing her throat, I approached her and asked in a loud and commanding tone:

"LHL (calling out her fullname), what is wrong with you??"

Mummy was, of course, shocked! And surprised. At that moment, she thought she had heard something funny rather than something rude so she didn't say anything (maybe giggling in her heart)... and just told me that her throat was itchy.


  1. hahahaha ..... your girl call you in your full name?? Where she learned your full name leh? Hahahaha ..... so cute la! If my girl call out my full name, I think I will be choked if I am still coughing :P :P

    But she is such a clever girl .... she knew mummy's name now :)

  2. lucky she didnt do that in a shopping mall..then everyone will know ur name!!

  3. MommyAngel, we taught her our names very long ago. Since very young, she already knew our names :-) But this is the 1st time she's using it! haha...

  4. That's good :) Which means she is actually listening and remembering all these while :)


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